If you continue reading you can learn how to get ultimate weapons in The First Descendant, because we have covered everything you need.

Ultimate is one of the most sought-after weapon rarities, being the top one, but they do not appear easily.

The desire to wield the most powerful weapons in The First Descendant is a natural one. This guide delves into acquiring Ultimate Weapons, explores their hidden potential, and unveils strategies to maximize their effectiveness.

How to Get Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant
Securing Ultimate Weapons:

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There are two primary paths to acquiring these coveted armaments:

The Crafting Route:

Seek out Anais in Albion and engage in conversation.
Access "Research Requests" and navigate to the "Weapon" category on the left. This showcases the available Ultimate Weapons.
Each weapon demands specific materials or blueprints to initiate research. Hover over these materials to glean acquisition details (often mission rewards or Amorphous Material Pattern drops).
Once you've gathered the necessary resources, commence research with Anais. Be prepared for a lengthy wait, as crafting times can exceed 4 hours. Prioritize research before logging off.
Premium Battle Pass (Optional):

The premium Battle Pass system might offer certain Ultimate Weapons (subject to change).

Beyond the Base Stats: Unveiling True Power

While undeniably potent, Ultimate Weapons might surprise you with their characteristics:

  • Lower Base DPS: Don't be solely swayed by DPS (damage per second) stats. Some rare (purple) weapons can even boast higher base DPS than their Ultimate counterparts.
  • The Power of Effects: The true strength of Ultimate Weapons lies in their unique effects that significantly enhance your combat prowess.
  • Example: The "Thunder Cage" features the "Overcharge" effect. Defeated enemies have a chance to unleash an electric shockwave, inflicting additional damage on nearby foes. This potent effect isn't reflected in the base DPS.

Additional Considerations:

  • Stat Bonuses: Beyond the unique effect, Ultimate Weapons often grant bonuses to Reload Time Modifier, Trigger Rate, and Damage Range upon activation.
  • Workbench Enhancement: The Workbench empowers you to combine two identical Ultimate Weapons to further elevate their unique ability, making them even more devastating.

Strategic Implementation:

By understanding both the advantages and limitations of Ultimate Weapons, you can incorporate them effectively into your arsenal:

  • Synergy is Key: Leverage the unique effects of each weapon to complement your playstyle and tackle specific enemy types with maximum efficiency.
  • Skill and Equipment Harmony: Combine these weapons with skills and equipment that synergize with their effects for an unstoppable force.

The Takeaway:

Experimentation is crucial! Explore different combinations of weapons and effects to discover the perfect loadout that unleashes your inner legend in The First Descendant. Remember, raw power isn't everything –  strategic utilization is the key to dominating the battlefield.

This way we come to the end of our guide on How to get ultimate weapons in The First Descendant, we hope it has been very helpful in obtaining many rarity type weapons.

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