Continue reading if you want to learn How to increase FPS in The First Descendant, because here we are going to teach you everything you need to know.

Este es un juego que exige bastante hardware de PC, por lo que los ejecutarlo puede ser complicado, puesto que genera, caídas, fallas y errores de FPS y el aumento de FPS es algo que muchos quieren lograr.

Are you experiencing unwelcome FPS drops in The First Descendant? Fear not, Descendant! This guide offers a multitude of solutions to help you achieve a smoother, more immersive gameplay experience.

How to Increase FPS in The First Descendant
Tailoring Settings for Optimal Performance:

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Disabling Nvidia GeForce Experience Instant Replay (For Nvidia Users):

If you utilize an Nvidia graphics card and have GeForce Experience installed, consider deactivating Instant Replay. While convenient for capturing gameplay footage, it can consume resources and contribute to FPS drops. To disable it, open GeForce Experience, navigate to "Settings," and locate "Instant Replay" to turn it off.
Adjusting Graphics Settings:

Evaluate your current graphics settings. For users with less powerful GPUs or limited VRAM, lowering settings to "Low" or "Medium" can significantly improve frame rates.
Monitoring GPU Usage: Utilize external applications or the Task Manager to monitor GPU usage. If it consistently reaches 80-90%, reducing graphical fidelity is recommended.
Memory Management:

Open The First Descendant alongside the Task Manager. Observe the memory usage. If it consistently hovers above 90%, close other memory-intensive applications to free up resources and mitigate FPS drops.
Leveraging SSD Advantages:

Consider transferring your The First Descendant installation folder to a Solid-State Drive (SSD) if available. SSDs boast faster read speeds, leading to quicker loading times and smoother asset/shader loading, potentially boosting FPS.
Resolution Adjustments:

If the aforementioned methods prove insufficient, consider altering resolution settings. Switching to "Windowed" mode and lowering the resolution can improve frame rates. This might compromise screen size, but it can be a viable solution for smoother gameplay.

Additional Tips:

  • Hardware Considerations: In extreme cases, upgrading specific hardware components might be necessary. Consider prioritizing graphics card or RAM upgrades for a more substantial performance boost.
  • Driver Updates: Ensure you have the latest graphics card drivers installed. Outdated drivers can sometimes hinder performance.
By implementing these optimization techniques, you can effectively combat FPS drops and experience The First Descendant in all its glory. Remember, experimentation is key! Find the optimal settings combination that caters to your specific hardware configuration and desired graphical fidelity.

This is all you need to know about How to increase FPS in The First Descendant, we hope that our guide has been very helpful so that you can improve the game's performance.

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