We hope you are ready to learn How to Destroy Void Shards in The First Descendant, because here we will tell you how to do it.

During your adventure in the game you will come across structures with a circular void inside, which you will have to destroy.

Here's an expanded explanation on how to conquer Void Fragments in The First Descendant, incorporating some strategic tips:

How to Destroy the Void Fragments in The First Descendant 
Identifying Your Quarry:

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Map Intel:  Get intel before approaching a Void Fragment. Hover over it on the map to unveil its weak point  - the elemental damage type (Electric, Fire, Non-Attribute) required to bring it down.

Descendant Selection:  This intel is key to picking the right Descendant for the job. Review your Descendant roster and choose one whose abilities align with the Fragment's weakness. Look for ability descriptions or icons that indicate their elemental affiliation (fire bursts, ice shards, electric shocks).

Cracking the Fragment's Shell:

Three-Stage Assault:  Void Fragments boast a sturdy shield that crumbles in three stages. Each time you land a successful hit with the corresponding elemental damage, you'll deplete one stage, bringing it closer to destruction.

Enemy Onslaught:  Be prepared for retaliation! Each successful hit on the Fragment triggers waves of enemy spawns. Focus on clearing these waves efficiently before resuming your assault on the Fragment. Consider using area-of-effect abilities or Descendants with crowd-control skills to manage these hostile surges.

Reaping the Rewards:  Once the Fragment finally crumbles, you'll be rewarded with a random assortment of Void Shards (Organic, Inorganic, Monomer, and Polymer). These Shards are vital for activating the Void Fusion Reactor, which unlocks the path to summoning bosses and acquiring Amorphous Material Patterns.

Additional Tips:

Level Up:  As you progress through the game, you'll encounter progressively tougher Void Fragments. Ensure your Descendants are adequately leveled and geared to face these escalating challenges.

Strategic Swapping:  Don't be afraid to switch Descendants mid-battle if the situation demands it. You might need a Descendant with strong defensive capabilities to handle a particularly aggressive enemy wave, before switching back to your elemental damage dealer to continue chipping away at the Fragment.

By following these steps and employing strategic thinking, you'll become a master Void Fragment destroyer in The First Descendant!

This is everything you need to know about How to destroy the void fragments in The First Descendant, we hope that our guide has been very helpful for you to destroy the fragments

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