Get ready so you can learn how to finish the mission In Search of the Relic Rabbit in The First Descendant, because below we will teach you how to achieve it.

In the game there are a lot of missions in which you will have to search for records that do not appear on the map.

Are you determined to unravel the mystery behind Bunny's parents in The First Descendant? This walkthrough equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate the "In Search of the Relic" quest and progress Bunny's personal storyline.

How to Finish In Search of the Relic Bunny Quest in The First Descendant
Quest Initiation:

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This quest becomes available after successfully completing "Complete the Traces" within The Ruins map.

Echo Swamp Access:

  • To access the Derelict Covert battlefield, you'll need to complete the main story missions leading to the Echo Swamp area.
  • If Bunny is your secondary character and your primary character has progressed sufficiently, the Echo Swamp area should already be unlocked.

Locating the Record:

  • Target Location: The coveted record lies atop one of the highest treetops near the edge of the Derelict Covert battlefield.
  • Scaling the Heights: Employ your Grappling Hook to ascend directly, or utilize the moving blue platforms for a more platforming-oriented approach.
  • Pinpointing the Relic: Reach the highest treetop matching the descriptions and visuals provided in online resources (if available).

Grappling Hook Maneuver:

  • Strategic Positioning: Near the metallic sphere structure on the specific treetop, utilize your Grappling Hook strategically.
  • Overlooking the Key: Position yourself with a clear view of the adjacent treetop. The record should be readily visible on the ground below.

Completing the Quest:

  • Journal Activation: Head to your in-game Journal and navigate to the "Records" tab.
  • Descendant Selection: Under the "Descendant" category, locate and activate the "Incomplete Chat Log" record.
  • Listening to the Revelation: Play the record to unlock the crucial information it holds.
  • Quest Completion: Once the record finishes playing, the "In Search of the Relic" quest should be marked as complete.
  • Following the Trail: Your next objective will likely be the "Living Witness" quest, tasking you with conversing with Anais in Albion.

Combatting Quest Fatigue:

Don't hesitate to explore and unlock other Descendants if these quests become tedious. A healthy balance can prevent burnout.

Additional Tips:

  • Consult online resources for visual references of the specific treetop and record location.
  • Remember, some quests might require specific character levels or story progression to be accessible.
By following these steps and maintaining your resolve, you'll successfully complete "In Search of the Relic" and propel Bunny's narrative forward in The First Descendant.

This is everything you need to know about How to finish the quest In Search of the Relic Rabbit in The First Descendant, so now you can complete the quest quickly.

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