Keep reading so you can learn How to Add Modules to Weapons in The First Descendant, because you'll find everything covered here.

Modules are an item that will give you certain passive buffs to weapons, so you'll want to use them to add certain buffs to your weapons.

Certainly! Here's a more professional take on equipping modules to weapons in The First Descendant:

How to Add Modules to Weapons in The First Descendant
Optimizing Weapon Performance Through Module Integration

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The First Descendant allows for comprehensive weapon customization through a modular system. These modules, acquired as mission rewards, provide a potent means to enhance your weaponry's capabilities and tailor it to your specific combat preferences.

Accessing the Module Interface:

Inventory Management:  Navigate to the in-game menu and select the "Inventory" tab. This will display your current equipment, including your equipped weapons.

Weapon Selection:  Locate the desired weapon and identify the module icon adjacent to it. Clicking this icon opens the dedicated weapon menu.

Strategic Module Selection and Application:

Synergy Evaluation:  The weapon menu displays a list of all acquired modules.  Carefully evaluate each module's effects and their potential synergy with the weapon's base stats and your Descendant's skillset. Prioritize modules that complement your playstyle and enhance your Descendant's strengths.

Slot Optimization:  Each weapon boasts a predetermined number of module slots. Strategically place modules within these slots to maximize their effectiveness in combat. Experiment with different combinations to discover the optimal configuration for your approach.

Modular Flexibility:  Modules offer exceptional versatility. You can freely detach modules from one weapon and equip them on another, enabling dynamic customization of your entire arsenal. This allows for on-the-fly adjustments based on encountered enemies or mission objectives.

Rarity Prioritization:  While all modules provide benefits, higher-rarity modules generally offer more significant stat boosts and potent effects. Prioritize equipping these high-tier modules whenever possible to maximize your weapon's potential.

By following these guidelines and strategically integrating modules, you can transform your weapons into formidable tools, empowering you to dominate the battlefield in The First Descendant.

In this way we come to the end of our guide on How to add modules to weapons in The First Descendant, we hope to have been of the greatest possible help so that you can take advantage of these modules.

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