In case you don't know how to upgrade weapons in The First Descendant, what you should do is continue reading to learn everything you need.

Initially the descendant will give you some weapons that are not so good, but you can upgrade them with weapon transmissions.

The First Descendant offers multiple methods to enhance your weaponry, allowing you to tailor them to your playstyle and tackle increasingly challenging foes. Here's a breakdown of the upgrade options available at the Workbench:

How to Upgrade Weapons in The First Descendant

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The Workbench is situated near Deslin, the weapons vendor, in Albion. Look for the weapons icon next to him, often near Descendant research and module upgrade stations.

Upgrade Methods:

Weapon Level Transmission:

  • This option allows you to increase a weapon's level by sacrificing a higher-level weapon.
  • This is ideal for situations where you lack weapon drops matching your current level.
  • Example: If you're level 34 and find mostly level 34 weapons, but your Hand Cannon is level 24, use this method.
  • Requirements:
  • A higher-level weapon to sacrifice.
  • Phase Changer materials (recommended for late-game use due to material cost).
Weapon Readjustment (for Purple and above rarity):

  • This feature focuses on fine-tuning existing stats on high-rarity (purple and above) weapons.
  • Functionality:
  • Select specific stats you want to retain (e.g., reduced recoil, critical hit rate).
  • The system re-rolls other stats on the weapon while keeping the locked ones.
  • This allows you to optimize a weapon's stats to better suit your needs.
  • Requirements:
  • Readjustment materials like Control Axes.

Additional Tips:

  • Prioritize upgrading higher-rarity weapons as they offer more potential for improvement.
  • Consider the weapon's base stats and how they complement your Descendant's skills when choosing which weapon to upgrade.
  • Utilize Weapon Level Transmission strategically, especially when lacking weapon drops at your current level.
  • Use Weapon Readjustment cautiously, as it consumes materials, and the re-rolled stats may not always be beneficial.
By strategically employing these upgrade methods, you can ensure your arsenal remains potent and adaptable throughout your journey in The First Descendant.

This is everything you need to know about How to improve weapons in The First Descendant, we hope it has been as helpful as possible so that you can get the most out of your new weapons.

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