Keep reading if you want to learn How to Find Photo Mode Screenshots in Zenless Zone Zero, because we have everything you need to know below.

We touched on this recently, but again, the game has a photo mode that will allow you to take photos of NPCs and city environments, but where are these saved?

Zenless Zone Zero's photo mode, while lacking extensive editing tools, allows you to capture stunning in-game moments. Here's a breakdown on where to find your captured photos and explore some limitations of the current system:

How to Find Photo Mode Screenshots in Zenless Zone Zero
Unearthing Your Photographic Gems:

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File Path: Navigate to the main installation folder for Zenless Zone Zero. Within this folder, locate the subfolder named "ScreenShot." This treasure trove holds all the photos you've taken using the in-game camera feature.

Unlocking the Camera:

Story Progression: As you delve into the game's narrative, you'll unlock the camera feature after completing a few introductory missions. Don't worry, you can't miss it!

Photographic Details:

  • Resolution: Rejoice! The captured photos boast a high resolution, ensuring crisp and detailed images.
  • Default Frame: Be aware that all photos come with a pre-set frame displaying the location where the picture was captured.

Customization Limitations:

While Zenless Zone Zero's photo mode offers a solid foundation, some customization aspects are currently unavailable:

  • Logo Removal: The Zenless Zone Zero logo remains fixed in the top left corner of every photo. There's no option to remove it at present.
  • Frame Customization: The default frame, including the location text, cannot be altered or removed.
  • Editing Suite: The mode currently lacks filters, character poses, post-processing effects, or camera setting adjustments. It primarily focuses on capturing raw in-game moments.

Comparison to Other Titles:

The photo mode's functionality is relatively basic compared to titles like Honkai Star Rail. However, there's always hope for future updates that may expand its capabilities.

Looking Ahead:

Fingers crossed that future updates from the developers will enhance the utility and overall user experience of the photo mode. Expanding its features could significantly elevate the enjoyment of capturing memories within the vibrant world of Zenless Zone Zero.

Additional Notes:

  • The PC version generally runs well, with a potential fix available for occasional Unity crashes through some tweaks.
  • Stay tuned for our dedicated Zenless Zone Zero section for comprehensive updates and guides!

This way we come to the end of our guide on How to find screenshots of Photo mode in Zenless Zone Zero, we hope we have been very helpful for you to find your photographs.

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