Next we will teach you how to use photo mode in Zenless Zone Zero, so continue reading to learn everything you need.

The game has a tool with which you can take photographs of your surroundings and different characters using the camera function.

While Zenless Zone Zero's photo mode might seem modest compared to its contemporaries, it provides a valuable tool for documenting your experiences within this vibrant world. This guide delves into its functionalities, offering insights on how to unlock it and capture stunning in-game vistas and character interactions.

How to Use Photo Mode in Zenless Zone Zero
Unlocking the Camera: A Catalyst for Creativity

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As you persevere through the introductory missions in the Prologue, a brief intermission unfolds, presenting you with the opportunity to tackle smaller tasks within New Eridu City. This is where the magic happens.  A seemingly ordinary mission involving petting a cat serves as the gateway to unlocking the camera feature. Integrated seamlessly into the main story, you can't miss this pivotal moment.

Accessing Photo Mode: A Swift Transition

Once the camera is unlocked, incorporating it into your gameplay becomes effortless. With a simple press of a button (F on keyboard or LT on controller), the quick menu materializes. Navigate to this menu, and your eyes will settle upon the camera shutter icon. Selecting this icon whisks you away to the photo mode interface, where the world awaits your creative touch.

Exploring the Facets of Photo Mode: A Functional Toolkit

While Zenless Zone Zero's photo mode may lack the extensive features found in other titles, it provides a well-rounded set of options to elevate your digital photography. Here's a closer look at what it offers:

Crafting the Perfect Composition: Adjust the Zoom Level  -  Meticulously tailor the zoom level to achieve your desired composition.  Whether you envision a sweeping vista showcasing the architectural marvels of New Eridu City or a close-up portrait capturing a character's emotional essence, the zoom function empowers you to bring your vision to life.

Resetting the View: A Fresh Start  -  Encountered an awkward camera angle? No problem! The reset camera position function instantly reverts the camera to its default view, providing you with a clean slate to begin composing your masterpiece anew.

A World Unveiled: Hide the UI for an Immersive Experience  -  Yearn for a photo that truly reflects the raw beauty of the game world? The hide UI function eliminates on-screen elements like health bars and mini-maps, leaving you with a pristine image that captures the essence of Zenless Zone Zero.

Immortalizing the Moment: Capture the Photo  -  Once you've meticulously arranged the elements of your shot and ensured a visually-appealing composition,  press the designated button to take the photo.  This freezes the scene in time, allowing you to revisit and cherish these captured moments whenever you desire.

Preserving Your Work: Save the Photo  -  After capturing a photo that ignites your creative spirit, don't let it fade into oblivion! Utilize the save icon (usually located in the bottom right corner) to permanently store your creation on your device.  This ensures you can revisit your photographic achievements and share them with fellow adventurers.

Beyond the Basics: Considerations and Cautions

It's important to acknowledge that Zenless Zone Zero's photo mode prioritizes capturing the world and its inhabitants over offering in-depth editing tools or character-centric photography. Unlike some games, this mode is unavailable during the heat of combat, and you won't be able to take photos directly of your own character.

Think of it as a powerful camera extension within the game, allowing you to document your adventures,  freeze quirky character interactions, and  immortalize the captivating landscapes that define Zenless Zone Zero. With a little practice and exploration of its functionalities, you'll be well on your way to crafting a collection of photos that encapsulate the unique charm of this exciting new world.

In this way we come to the end of our guide on How to use the photo mode in Zenless Zone Zero, we hope we have been very helpful so that you can use and take advantage of this mode.

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