Read on so you can learn how to disassemble weapons and equipment in The First Descendant, so pay attention.

In the game you can dismantle weapons and components to obtain valuable materials that you can use to level up your weapons and obtain better components.

Your inventory overflowing with obsolete weapons and gear? The First Descendant empowers you to dismantle these items and recover valuable materials for crafting and upgrading. This guide equips you with the knowledge to efficiently dismantle unwanted equipment from anywhere within your inventory.

How to Dismantle Weapons and Gear in The First Descendant
Dismantling Weapons:

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Weapon Selection:  Open your inventory and navigate to the "Weapons" list. Choose the weapon you intend to dismantle.

Marking as Junk:  Before dismantling, designate the weapon as "Junk." Press the "J" button (PC) or "R2/RT" button (consoles) to achieve this.

Single or Bulk Dismantling:

Single Dismantle: Hold down the "Ctrl" button (PC) or "R2/RT" button (consoles) to dismantle the selected weapon.
Bulk Dismantle: Hold down the "Shift" button (PC) or "R3/RS" button (consoles) to mark all weapons (except equipped and Ultimate ones) as "Junk." Then, hold the designated button to dismantle them all at once.
Dismantling Rewards: Dismantling weapons yields two valuable materials:

Liquid Metal

Dismantling Gear (Reactors and Components):

Gear Selection:  Within your inventory, select a specific Reactor or Component you wish to dismantle. This opens the list of all your Reactors and Components.

Marking as Junk:  Similar to weapons, designate the gear item as "Junk" first. Press the designated button (refer to in-game prompts) to mark it as "Junk."

Single or Bulk Dismantling:  Employ the same techniques as with weapons for single or bulk dismantling based on your preference.

Dismantling Rewards: Dismantling Reactors and Components grants different materials:

Reactors: Solenoid and Superconductor Core
Components: Void Organism

Maximizing Efficiency:

  • Dismantling weapons and gear is a great way to recover resources for crafting and upgrading your equipment.
  • Carefully consider which items to dismantle, especially higher-rarity gear, as they might yield more valuable materials.
  • Utilize the bulk dismantling options to save time when dealing with a large amount of unwanted equipment.
By following these steps, you can effectively manage your inventory in The First Descendant, transforming unwanted items into valuable resources for progression. Remember, a well-maintained inventory paves the way for a more powerful Descendant!

This concludes our guide on How to Disassemble Weapons and Equipment in The First Descendant and we hope it has been as helpful as possible to take advantage of this.

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