Pay attention so that you learn How to sell weapons and equipment items in The First Descendant, here we have covered all the necessary details.

In the game it is possible to sell weapons and components in exchange for gold for your next investigations in Anais.

Inventory overflowing with unwanted weapons and gear? Fear not, Descendant! This guide equips you with the knowledge to offload these items to Deslin, the helpful Weapon Lab Director, and replenish your gold reserves.

How to Sell Weapons and Gear Items in The First Descendant
Locating Deslin, the Merchant:

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Journey to Albion, the central hub world in The First Descendant.
Locate Deslin – he's conveniently stationed right next to the Workbench, making post-mission inventory management a breeze.

Initiating Transactions:

  • Interact with Deslin to access his wares. He caters to both your buying and selling needs.
  • Select the "Sell" option to unveil the interface for offloading your unwanted equipment.

Selecting Items for Sale:

  • On the right side of the interface, you'll find a list of your available weapons, Reactors, and Components.
  • Here's where the "Junk" designation comes into play. Items must be marked as "Junk" before they can be sold.

Marking Items as Junk:

Two Junk Designation Methods:
  • Bulk Marking: Hold down the "Shift" button (PC) or the "R3/RS" button (consoles) to swiftly designate all items on the list as "Junk."
  • Individual Marking: For more selective selling, choose specific items and mark them as "Junk" one by one.

Advanced Junk Selection (Optional):

Utilize the "Filter all as junk" option to display a table. This table allows you to filter items by rarity and level, enabling you to efficiently choose which gear to sell.

The Final Step: Converting Junk to Gold:

  • Once you've meticulously selected your unwanted items and marked them as "Junk," press the designated key (usually indicated on the screen) to confirm the sale of all "Junk" items.
  • Congratulations! You've successfully exchanged your excess equipment for valuable gold, boosting your in-game currency.

Additional Tips:

Consider dismantling specific gear pieces instead of selling them if they possess valuable upgrade materials. The Workbench allows you to dismantle unwanted equipment to acquire these materials.
By following these steps, you can effectively manage your inventory in The First Descendant, ensuring you have ample gold to acquire the equipment you truly need to conquer any challenge.

This concludes our guide on How to sell weapons and equipment items in The First Descendant, we hope it has been very helpful so you can get all the gold you can.

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