Keep reading to learn how to play Age of Mythology Retold, here you will find all the details about it.

Age of Mythology already has a remaster with Age of Mythology: Retold and if you don't know how to access it, just keep reading.

The wait is almost over for fans of real-time strategy and mythological warfare! Age of Mythology: Retold is poised to arrive on September 4th, 2024, but impatient players have options for early access. This guide explores how to secure your place in the fray a week before the official release.

How to Play Age of Mythology Retold
Early Access through the Premium Edition:

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  • Pre-Order or Upgrade: To gain access a week prior to launch, pre-order the Premium Edition of Age of Mythology: Retold or purchase the premium upgrade if you already own the standard version.
  • Benefits Beyond Early Access: The Premium Edition entices players with more than just an early start. Here's what it entails:
  • New Gods Pack: Expand your divine arsenal with the inclusion of the new god, Freyer.
  • Legacy Deity Portraits Pack: Adorn your godly leaders with a touch of history through these legacy portraits.
  • Expansions 1 & 2: Prepare for future adventures with access to the two upcoming expansions.

Standard Edition and Game Pass Availability:

  • Standard Release: For those who prefer to wait, the standard edition of Age of Mythology: Retold launches alongside the official release date on September 4th, 2024.
  • Game Pass Integration: Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass for PC or console will have the standard edition readily available on day one, offering the core gameplay experience at launch.

Pricing and Considerations:

  • Premium Edition Advantage: The Premium Edition comes at a $20 premium compared to the standard version, but it grants access to additional content and future expansions.
  • Discount for Existing Owners: If you already own Age of Mythology: Extended Edition on Steam, you'll receive a discount when purchasing the Premium Edition of Retold.

A Trend to Monitor:

Early Access Concerns: The practice of locking early access behind more expensive editions is becoming more prevalent. While it incentivizes pre-orders, it can also lead to impulsive purchases driven by fear of missing out (FOMO).

The Choice is Yours:

This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Whether you crave the immediate thrill of early access or prefer the standard edition's value, the glorious battles of Age of Mythology: Retold await!

This is everything you need to know about How to play Age of Mythology Retold, we hope you are ready to play this remake.

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