Here we bring you a complete guide so you can learn how to repair Microsoft Office error code 30015-28 in a simple way.

Many Windows users reported receiving this error with the following message: Something went wrong, we're sorry, we had a problem downloading updates for Office. Please check your network connection and try again later.

This Error Code: 30015-28 (2231435265) can occur for many reasons such as network connectivity issues, antivirus interference, and a corrupted Office application. But fear no more, here is a complete guide so you can solve it:

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 30015-28

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Initial Verification:

Network Connectivity: Verify a stable and functioning internet connection. Run a web browser test or attempt accessing another online service to confirm network access.

System Updates: Ensure your Windows system is fully updated. Updates often include compatibility fixes that might address the error code. Navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and check for available updates.

Addressing Potential Interference:

Temporary Antivirus/Firewall Disablement: Security software can sometimes interfere with updates. Temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall (refer to your specific software's instructions) and attempt the update again. Remember to re-enable them after troubleshooting.

Microsoft Support Tools:

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant: Utilize the dedicated Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool to diagnose and fix common Office issues. 
Download and run the tool from the official Microsoft website: Follow the on-screen instructions to potentially repair your Office installation.

Office Repair and Reinstallation:

Online Repair of Office: If the error persists, consider an online repair attempt within Windows. This process aims to fix corrupted files while preserving your data. 

Here's how to perform it:

Close all Office applications.

Open the Control Panel (search for it in the Start menu).
Navigate to "Programs and Features" (or "Apps & features" in Windows 11).

Locate your Microsoft Office installation, right-click it, and select "Change."

Choose "Online Repair" and click "Repair" to begin the process.

Complete Reinstallation: As a last resort, consider a complete reinstall. Here's a recommended approach:

Uninstall any existing Office installations using the Control Panel method mentioned in step 5.

Utilize the official Microsoft download tool ( to download a fresh copy of your desired Office version.

Run the downloaded installer and follow the on-screen instructions for a clean installation.

Additional Considerations:

System Restart: A simple restart can sometimes resolve temporary glitches that might be causing the update issue.

Proxy Server: If you're using a proxy server for internet access, temporarily disable it during the update process.

Seeking Further Assistance:

If the issue persists after trying these methods, consider contacting Microsoft Support for further assistance. Their technicians can provide advanced troubleshooting and investigate potential issues specific to your system configuration.

With these steps, you will be well equipped to resolve Microsoft Office error code 30015-28 and ensure a successful update for your Office installation.

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