In this article we will explain what to see on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon in December? and we will give a little more information on this topic

What is it that we should know about streaming platforms and what awaits us during these festivities?

What to watch on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon in December? During these Christmas holidays, the streaming platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Max bring us new movie releases, television series and some other surprises for the enjoyment of their users, so that they can enjoy from their homes with their family during the Christmas holidays, so in this article we will give you a small guide on what to see on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon in December?

What to watch on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon in December?

Within the different streaming platforms we can find new release dates for some TV series or some movies that many of its users have been waiting for to be released, so during this article we will be mentioning some dates that have been confirmed by streaming platforms. streaming so we would be responding to what to see on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon in December?

What will be released in Netflix during these festivities?

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    For those fans of the series La casa de papel, it is worth mentioning that as of today the second part of the Korean series premiered, so you can immediately go see your favorite series from the Netflix platform. It should be noted that also for the little ones in the house, Netflix brings The Christmas extra of a boss in diapers, the Christmas special is now available on the Netflix platform for the enjoyment of the little ones in the house in the company of their family if they wish.

    This is only a part of what is coming on the platform, since as the days go by, release dates for movies or series will be announced for the enjoyment of its users in the company of their loved ones.

    What premiered or was about to premiere on HBO Max?

    Are you one of those who have been aware of the Doom Patrol series? Well, let me tell you that new chapters of the fourth season have been released today, in which chapters 1 and 2 of the series have been added. In addition to Doom Patrol, the third season of the television series Dark Matters has also been released, in which two of the first chapters of the third and final season of the series, which is based on the novel The Spyglass, are already available. lacquered.

    So you should be aware of the HBO Max platform if you want to know more about what other series or movies will be released during this Christmas month.

    On Amazon Prime Video, what's new to watch?

    What to see on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon in December? Within this platform there have been some release dates for TV series or movies that are very loved by its users, one of these is Top Gun: Maverick, which has Confirmed its release date, which will be December 30 of this year. 2022, so that we can enjoy this action and adventure movie from the Amazon Prime Video platform.

    Another of the series that has premiered on the platform is the TV series The Bad Guy, which currently has 6 episodes, which we can now enjoy on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

      In this way we conclude with this article in which we have explained what to see on HBO Max, Netflix and Amazon in December?
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