Discover the ultimate guide to locating all Trade Authorities in Starfield. Uncover their hidden locations and unlock the secrets of the galaxy's most influential organizations.

Welcome, fellow starfarers, to our comprehensive guide on where to find all trade authorities in the vast and mysterious universe of Starfield. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of these trade authorities and provide a detailed walkthrough of the key locations where they can be discovered. Strap in and get ready for an adventure unlike any other!

Grymforge: Uncovering Signs of the Dark Justiciars

Our journey begins in the enigmatic city of Grymforge, where players will encounter the first signs of the Dark Justiciars, the loyal servants of Shar, the goddess of darkness. As you traverse the winding streets and shadowy alleys of Grymforge, pay close attention to the clues and hints dropped by Shadowheart, one of your companions. She repeatedly mentions the Dark Justiciars and their connection to this city, sparking curiosity and intrigue.

Moonrise Towers: Accessing the Shadow-Cursed Lands

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    To progress further in your quest to find all trade authorities, you must make your way to Moonrise Towers. This towering structure acts as the gateway that grants access to the Ancient Temple nestled within the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Investigating the cult of the Absolute, a mysterious faction with ties to the Dark Justiciars, becomes a crucial step in unraveling the secrets that lie ahead.

    The Dangerous Item and Family Crypt

    In your pursuit of the trade authorities, a man reveals himself as the key to unlocking access to the Ancient Temple. However, he will not grant this privilege easily. Players must embark on a perilous journey to retrieve a dangerous item, a task that leads them to the man's family crypt. The crypt harbors a hidden back entrance to the temple, serving as a vital passage to uncovering the remaining trade authorities.

    Shar's Gauntlet: The Final Test

    Prepare yourselves for the ultimate challenge on your quest to find all trade authorities - Shar's Gauntlet. This colossal temple, dedicated to Shar herself, serves as both a test and a proving ground for those aspiring to become Dark Justiciars. Inside, players will face formidable enemies and solve intricate puzzles that guard the coveted trade authorities. Be prepared to encounter Raphael's Old Enemy, a fearsome foe that poses a significant threat.

    Impact on Shadowheart and Your Choices Matter

    Completing Shar's Gauntlet not only progresses the main quest but also plays a crucial role in Shadowheart's companion quest. Your actions throughout this section can have a profound impact on her life, shaping her future for better or worse. It is essential to consider your choices carefully, weighing the consequences they may bring. Will you lead Shadowheart towards the path of darkness, or will you steer her towards a different destiny?

    Congratulations, intrepid starfarers! You have reached the end of our friendly guide on where to find all trade authorities in Starfield. We hope this comprehensive walkthrough has provided valuable insights and assistance on your journey. Remember, the trade authorities hold immense significance within the game, and finding them all will undoubtedly impact your adventure. So, be sure to explore Grymforge, conquer Moonrise Towers, and face the trials of Shar's Gauntlet, all while considering your choices carefully. Happy trading and may the stars guide you towards success!

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