Learn how to obtain all four flimsy hammers in Sea of Stars and enhance your gameplay. Discover the secrets and strategies to acquire these powerful tools.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to obtain all four Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars. By following these steps, you'll be able to complete the True Ending requirements and unlock special relics and abilities. Let's dive in and discover how you can accomplish this exciting feat!

Step 1: Defeat the Final Boss and Save a File

To begin your journey towards obtaining the Flimsy Hammers, you must first defeat the final boss in Sea of Stars. This is a challenging battle that will test your skills and determination. Once you have emerged victorious, be sure to save your progress by creating a new file. This ensures that your achievements are acknowledged and allows you to continue your adventure.

Step 2: Destroy All Wheels Champions and the Watchmaker

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    With the final boss defeated, it is now time to embark on a mission to destroy all the Wheels champions and confront the formidable Watchmaker. These battles will push your combat abilities to the limit, requiring strategy and precision. Showcasing your skills in battle and overcoming these challenging foes is a necessary step towards obtaining the Flimsy Hammers.

    Step 3: Collect Question Packs

    As you progress through the game, keep an eye out for Question Packs scattered throughout different areas. These packs contain valuable information needed for later stages of your journey. They provide clues, hints, and insights into the world of Sea of Stars. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny to find these Question Packs and gather the knowledge they hold.

    Step 4: Catch All 23 Types of Fish

    Sea of Stars is not only about battles and quests; it also offers a serene fishing experience. Explore various fishing spots within the game and try your hand at catching all 23 types of fish available. This task requires patience and skill, as different fish have different behaviors and require different techniques to catch. Remember to keep track of your catches as it will play a crucial role later on.

    Step 5: Deliver Fish to the Master Fisherman in Mirth at Mooncradle's Inn

    Once you've successfully caught all 23 types of fish, make your way to Mirth at Mooncradle's Inn. Here, you will find the Master Fisherman, who is eager to receive the fish you caught. Delivering the fish to the Master Fisherman not only showcases your fishing prowess but also helps in rebuilding Mirth. It is a gesture of goodwill and contributes to the restoration efforts in the town.

    Step 6: Locate NPCs for Rebuilding Mirth

    Rebuilding Mirth requires assistance from other NPCs situated at Stonemasons' Outpost, Docarri Village, and Edgar's brother in the Town of Lucent. Seek them out and gather their support to aid in the reconstruction efforts. Completing quests and assisting these NPCs will not only help you in your journey to obtain the Flimsy Hammers but also contribute to the overall development and revitalization of Mirth.

    Step 7: Receive Relics for Tracking Fish

    Your dedication to catching fish will be rewarded with relics such as the Mithereel Rod, Bearing Reel, and Stereofilament Line. These relics enhance your fishing abilities and make your future fishing endeavors more exciting. Each relic offers unique advantages and bonuses, allowing you to catch fish more efficiently and effectively. Experiment with these relics and discover their full potential.

    Step 8: Obtain the Falcon-eyed Parrot Relic

    To obtain the Falcon-eyed Parrot relic, you need to collect 27 Rainbow Conch shells. These shells are rare and can be found in different locations throughout Sea of Stars. Keep an eye out for these shimmering shells during your exploration, as they are vital for unlocking this powerful relic. Once you have collected all 27 shells, you can trade them in for the Falcon-eyed Parrot relic, which grants you enhanced vision and perception.

    Step 9: Accessing the Ancient Crypt on Settlers' Island

    Visit Settlers' Island and locate the Ancient Crypt, an intriguing and mysterious location. This crypt holds ancient secrets and valuable treasures. Approach the Cryptwalker within and provide them with the code "361241" to gain access to a secret underground passage. Exploring this hidden passage will lead you to crucial information related to obtaining all four Flimsy Hammers.

    Step 10: Discovering Enki - Papa Poule - Dupaquier's Tombstone

    Inside the secret underground passage, search for a broken tombstone bearing the words "Never forget Enki - Papa Poule - Dupaquier." This tombstone holds a hidden clue related to obtaining all four Flimsy Hammers. Study the inscription carefully and decipher the message it holds. This clue will guide you to the final steps necessary to acquire these powerful weapons.

    Congratulations! You have successfully followed our friendly guide on how to obtain all four Flimsy Hammers in Sea of Stars. By completing various challenges, catching fish, rebuilding Mirth, and exploring hidden passages, you've unlocked powerful relics and discovered ancient secrets. Now go forth and wield those Flimsy Hammers with pride as you continue your adventure in Sea of Stars! Remember to embrace the journey, enjoy the game's rich world and lore, and have fun discovering all the secrets it holds.

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