Uncover the secrets of suspicious toys in Baldur's Gate 3 with our comprehensive investigation guide. Discover the hidden dangers and unravel the mysteries that lie within.

In Baldur's Gate 3, players encounter a thrilling quest at Arfur's mansion, filled with traps, bombs, and suspicious toys. This guide will help you navigate through the quest step-by-step, ensuring your success and safety.

Section 1: Starting the Quest

To begin your investigation, it is important to choose a character with good sleight of hand, such as Astarion the vampire. This skill will come in handy when disarming traps and handling suspicious items throughout the quest. Once you enter Arfur's mansion, be prepared to encounter various traps and obstacles. By carefully examining your surroundings and using your sleight of hand skill, you will be able to disarm the traps and locate a chest containing gold and a Blackmail Letter.

Section 2: Disarming the Fireworks

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    As you explore the mansion, you will come across a basement area where fireworks are stored. These fireworks can be potentially dangerous and highly explosive. However, they can also be used strategically as combat grenades. To ensure your safety, it is crucial to disarm them properly. Look for any hidden switches or mechanisms that control the fireworks and deactivate them. It is recommended to use caution and consult with your party members before attempting to disarm the fireworks.

    Section 3: Reaching the Requisitioned Barn

    After dealing with the fireworks, your next objective is to reach the Requisitioned Barn. Head southeast from Arfur's mansion, but be aware that it is guarded by the Flaming Fist. To bypass them, you may need to employ stealth or find alternative routes. It is advisable to observe their patterns and plan your approach accordingly. Remember, a well-planned strategy will increase your chances of success.

    Section 4: Dealing with the Crate of Toys

    Once inside the Requisitioned Barn, you will come across a crate filled with suspicious toys. It is essential to disarm this crate to prevent any potential harm. Examine the crate closely and search for any traps or hidden mechanisms. Use your sleight of hand skill to disarm the crate safely. After successfully disarming it, inform the guard to ensure the safety of others.

    Section 5: Finding Arfur at Sharess' Caress

    To further your investigation, make your way to Sharess' Caress. This is where you can find Arfur and engage in conversations that may uncover valuable information about his blackmail activities. By interacting with Arfur and thoroughly exploring the area, you can gather important clues that will aid you in your quest.

    Section 6: Gaining Access to Second Floor

    During your conversation with Arfur, obtain a secret passcode that will grant you access to the second floor of the mansion. This passcode is crucial for progressing in the quest. Once you have acquired it, seek out Avery Sonshal and provide him with the passcode. He will then grant you entry to the second floor, where the heart of the investigation awaits.

    Section 7: Preparing for a Tough Fight

    Before ascending to the second floor, it is important to prepare yourself and your party for a challenging encounter. The second floor is heavily guarded and filled with explosives. To overcome these obstacles, consider using fire spells or arrows to strategically blow up the explosives. Plan your tactics, utilize your party's skills, and be ready for a tough fight.

    In conclusion, investigating the suspicious toys in Baldur's Gate 3 can be an exhilarating and dangerous adventure. By following this guide, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and strategies to navigate through the quest successfully. Remember to approach every step with caution, utilize your character's skills effectively, and enjoy the thrilling journey through Baldur's Gate 3. Good luck, adventurer!

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