In this short Fortnite guide we will explain How to Activate Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 and we will also mention some types of Boosts

What is needed to activate Augments in Fortnite?

How to activate Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4. Players can activate Augments in Fortnite in a very easy and simple way, they just have to go to a Battle Royale game where they must survive as long as possible, so with the passing of time In the game they will be notified of options where players can choose between 2 increases as time passes in the game, so this would be the way to activate the increases in Fortnite Chapter 4.

What are some of the types of Augments that we can find in Fortnite?

How to activate Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4. Among the types of increases that we find in Fortnite we can find the following: Read Also:
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    • Storm Mark: Helps you when the storm changes, as it will mark nearby enemies for a short time.
    • Light Fingers: All weapons that have light ammo will reload faster.
    • Rifle Recycling: You have a chance to not consume ammo when using weapons with medium ammo.
    • Supercharged: Gives you the advantage that your vehicle does not consume fuel and has a greater amount of life.
    • Tricked Out: When you use a truck or a car, you will be awarded Cow Catcher and Chonkers.
    • Quick Reload: This will reload your shotgun ammo as you sprint.
    • Tactical Weaponry: Provides the player with a shotgun and a rare tactical AR.
    • First Round: Deals additional damage when the first round from an assault rifle's magazine is fired.
    • Splash Medic: Gives you a chance to find Chug Splash in every container you find.
    • Pistol Amplifier: Significantly increases the size of the pistol magazine.
    • Forecast: Allows you to see every second what the location of the next storm circle will be.
    • Party Time: Gives you balloons over time.
    • Elevated Sprints: Gives you higher jumps and less gravity when running.
    • Jelly Angler: You will receive a fishing rod with which you can fish anywhere, but you can only catch jellyfish.
    • Chug Gunner: You will receive a Chug Cannon.
    • Aerialist: You gain the ability to deploy your glider.
    • More Parkour: You will get the ability to regenerate your energy by jumping or covering obstacles
    • Bloodhound Enemies: You can hit with your bow shots or sniper rifle
    • Magic Archer: You will get a shock wave and an explosive bow.
    • demolition munitions: Those objects you destroy have a chance to drop explosives, only applies to objects you build, not structures built by another player.

      This concludes this short guide on How to Activate Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4 and what types of Augments exist in Fortnite.
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