How to get all free items in Loooptopia is a guide on how to get all the items in Loooptopia for free.

Are you looking for ways to get all the free items in the popular virtual world of Loooptopia? Look no further! In this blog, we will discuss all the free items available in the game and how you can acquire them. For those unfamiliar with Loooptopia, it is a virtual world where players can customize their own characters, interact with other players, and play various mini-games. It also has a vibrant economy, with players trading items for currency and items for other items. This is why there are so many free items in the game. 

Prerequisites for Upgrading 

Primordial Stones are a type of item that can be upgraded to obtain better stats. These can be acquired as rewards from completing certain tasks in the game, such as completing a certain number of quests or crafting a certain number of items. Upgraded Primordial Stones can be used to craft powerful items that can give your character an edge in battle. 

Process of Upgrading 

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    Before you can upgrade a Primordial Stone, there are a few prerequisites that you need to fulfill. These include having an item level of Onyx Annulet (level 25 or above), having the Unstable Elementium Recipe, having 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments, and having 25 Silken Gemdust. 

    To obtain the Unstable Elementium Recipe, you can find it in the secret shop that can be accessed after completing the first tutorial. It will cost 25,000 gold coins. To obtain the Dormant Primordial Fragments, you can buy them from the shop in the lobby of the game, or you can find them scattered around the world. The Silken Gemdust can be bought from the same shop for 500 gold coins. 

    After you have the prerequisites mentioned above, you can start crafting the upgrade. To do this, you will need to insert the Unstable Elementium Recipe into the crafting table, followed by the 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments and 25 Silken Gemdust. This will create the upgraded version of the Primordial Stone. 

    Benefits of Upgrading 

    The benefits of upgrading a Primordial Stone are significant. The most obvious benefit is the increased item level. This means that the stats of the item will be increased, and the item will be more powerful. There are other benefits too, such as access to new recipes and crafting materials. 

    In conclusion, there are many free items in Loooptopia, and they can all be obtained in different ways. Primordials Stones, in particular, can be upgraded to create more powerful items. To do this, you will need to obtain the Unstable Elementium Recipe, 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments, and 25 Silken Gemdust. Upgrading Primordial Stones will result in an item level increase and other benefits, such as access to new recipes and crafting materials.

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