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Bodi Commercial Belle Vitale by Autumn Calabrese: Hormone Health spot commercial 2024

VIDEO BODi Belle Vitale by Autumn Calabrese: Hormone Health TV commercial 2024 • Belle Vitale by Autumn Calabrese: Hormone Health For Women Welcome to Belle Vitale -- Autumn Calabrese’s new innovative, complete program that focuses on taking control of your hormones to help improve your overall health. The concept of an all-in approach began when Autumn discovered her hormones were out of balance. She found herself suffering from symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, acne, and difficulty handling the stress in her life. With two years of trial and error behind her, diligently researching ways to address her symptoms and achieving better balance herself, she created Belle Vitale - designed to help women who were dealing with hormone symptoms and a never-ending cycle of frustration like she was. Belle Vitale provides women of all ages and all stages with the first-ever complete roadmap to work with and help balance your hormones in a way that enhances your lifestyle and helps you feel like yourself again. With scientifically supported nutrition, proprietary supplements, innovative Pilates, cardio, and strength exercises, and stress management techniques, anyone seeking to improve their hormone health and overall health - finally has a complete solution. This will change everything. 0:01 I don't feel the way that I know I'm supposed to feel. 0:05 Just feeling like I'm fighting against my own body. 0:09 A lot of irritability, 0:10 where people around me notice that I'm different. 0:13 I have disrupted sleep all the time. 0:16 I have constant brain fog. 0:18 But I also get hot flashes from time to time. 0:21 Everything that was working for me, 0:24 they no longer work. 0:27 I had signed up for the hormone health certification 0:30 because I'm watching social media, 0:31 and I'm watching our community, 0:33 and I'm watching so many women struggle 0:34 with so many different issues that are related to hormones. 0:38 But what's ironic is that probably three weeks 0:41 into when the actual classes started, 0:45 my whole system went out of whack. 0:47 I'm so frustrated. 0:48 I just— I don’t know what is going on 0:52 with my body anymore and I don't know what to do to fix it. 0:56 When you're in it and you don't know why. 0:59 It's a horrible feeling, because you’re sitting there 1:01 going, “What the hell just happened.” 1:03 Being here at the photoshoot to launch my new program, 1:07 it just means so much more, because of what I went 1:09 through to get here. 1:11 I think for a lot of people, when their body is 1:12 betraying them, it turns into a spiral. 1:15 You get a case of the eff-its. 1:16 Where you’re just like, *** it, it’s not working. 1:19 I might as well have the extra drink. 1:20 I might as well have the dessert. 1:21 You almost go into the self-pity party. 1:24 I have those moments. 1:25 I am like everybody else, where I will let it get me down 1:28 for a minute. 1:29 The thing is, I just won't stay there. 1:31 I called my doctor. 1:32 I was like, “What is going on?” 1:34 Hormonal imbalance. 1:36 An estimated 80 percent of women have hormonal imbalances. 1:39 It's common. That doesn’t mean it’s normal. 1:41 It doesn't mean it's what our bodies are supposed to do. 1:44 These types of hormone imbalances 1:46 are often really impacted by lifestyle. 1:49 If you're chronically stressed out, 1:50 you raise your cortisol levels, 1:52 and when you raise your cortisol levels, you affect both 1:55 how your hormone receptors work and how many hormones 2:00 you're making, and the balance between those hormones. 2:04 Now, if you compound that 2:05 with the fact that making poor dietary choices, 2:08 not getting exercise, 2:10 well, you're starting out in a pretty big negative position 2:14 before those hormones even start to create imbalances, 2:18 or fluxes, in your monthly cycle. 2:20 When I looked for a solution to these problems, 2:22 I just felt like there must be a puzzle piece missing. 2:26 Where's the balance? 2:26 There's got to be a way to fix this, 2:28 where I can enjoy life 2:29 and improve the balance of my hormones. 2:32 This is when I go into research and creation mode. 2:34 I knew if I put out a program, I wanted to help as many women 2:37 with it as I could. 2:40 This is Belle Vitale. 2:42 It's designed by a woman for women of all ages 2:45 and stages of life. 2:47 This is your 12-week answer 2:49 to the frustrating symptoms of hormone imbalance. 2:53 The major puzzle pieces of Belle Vitale are the nutrition, 2:55 the fitness, the stress management, and the supplements. 2:58 So, you really have four components to it, 3:00 and it wouldn't be complete without any one of those four. 3:03 You've got to address the nutrition. 3:05 Our body is literally made up of everything we eat. 3:09 That's one puzzle piece. 3:10 Next is the fitness, a complete fitness program, 3:14 combining strength training 3:15 to keep us getting toned and feeling 3:17 strong and feeling like, yes, I put in work, 3:20 and Pilates on the door track that mimic both 3:23 the Pilates Cadillac and reformer machines. 3:26 Then, there's easy to follow breathwork, proven to help 3:30 with stress management. 3:31 I really wanted something that could be implemented instantly, 3:34 and that's your breathing. 3:35 And then, the supplements were also a really important part. 3:39 We took almost a year to create the two proprietary 3:42 blends for blood sugar, support, and stress management. 3:46 If you really want to improve the balance of your hormones, 3:50 you've got to take a comprehensive approach, 3:51 and this is comprehensive in every way. 3:54 You can feel better. That power is in your hands. 4:00 You don't have to suffer any more. 4:02 Let's do Belle Vitale together. - advertisement spot 2024

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