Do you have problems with Google? Here we show you how to resume interrupted downloads in Google Chrome.

Downloads stopping can be frustrating, but remember that downloads can fail for various reasons and when they fail they leave an unusable .crdownload file.

What is a CRDOWNLOAD file?
When you start a download in Google Chrome, a temporary file with the .crdownload extension is created, this file serves as a placeholder and stores the downloaded data as it arrives. After the download completes, Chrome renames the file, removes the .crdownload extension, and replaces it with the correct file extension. But if the file was interrupted by something it will retain the .crdownload extension.

How to Resume Interrupted Downloads in Google Chrome

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Understanding Download Interruptions:

Several factors can contribute to download interruptions:

Unreliable Internet Connections: Unstable or slow internet connections are a frequent culprit. This can encompass temporary outages, fluctuating speeds, or exceeding data caps imposed by your internet service provider (ISP).

Server-Side Issues: Problems originating from the download server itself can interrupt the process. These could be caused by server overload, scheduled maintenance procedures, or temporary glitches.

Corrupted Source Files: In rare instances, corrupted files on the download server might lead to download failures.

Resuming Downloads with Chrome's Built-in Manager:

The primary method for resuming interrupted downloads leverages Chrome's integrated download manager:

Accessing the Download Manager: Open the download manager by pressing Ctrl + J or clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the Chrome window and selecting "Downloads."

Identifying the Interrupted Download: Locate the download that encountered an error within the download manager list.

Attempting to Resume: Click the "Resume" button associated with the failed download. If successful, the download will pick up from the point of interruption.

Limitations of Chrome's Download Manager:

While convenient, Chrome's download manager doesn't always function flawlessly. Occasionally, it might fail to resume downloads, leading to error messages like "Download Failed Network Error."

Alternative: Wget for Robust Resuming

If Chrome's download manager proves ineffective, consider Wget, a free command-line tool renowned for its reliability in resuming downloads even with unstable connections:


Download and Install Wget: Obtain and install Wget from a reputable source.

Acquiring the Download URL: Right-click on the download link on the website and select "Copy Link Address" to copy the download URL.

Resuming with Wget:

Locating the Interrupted Download: Navigate to your Downloads folder and identify the file with the ".crdownload" extension.

Renaming the File: Remove the ".crdownload" extension from the file name. This signifies to Wget that it's a partially downloaded file.

Opening Command Prompt: Open a command prompt window and navigate to the directory where you installed Wget.

Verifying Wget Functionality (Optional): Run the command wget -h to verify Wget is functioning correctly.

Resume Download Command: Execute the following command, replacing the bracketed placeholders with your specific information:

wget -c -O "[file path of the .crdownload file]" "[download URL]"

Explanation of Parameters:

-c: Instructs Wget to resume partially downloaded files.

-O [file path of the .crdownload file]: Specifies the desired output filename (including the path).
[download URL]: The copied download URL obtained earlier.

Third-Party Download Managers: Enhanced Functionality

For users requiring more comprehensive download management features, third-party download managers offer a multitude of benefits:

Scheduling: Schedule downloads for off-peak hours when internet traffic is less congested.

Sorting and Organization: Organize and categorize downloads for easier management.

Advanced Resuming: Robust resuming capabilities that handle a wider range of download interruption scenarios.

Download Manager Extensions for Chrome:

Browser extensions can also enhance Chrome's download functionality:

Integration with Chrome: Download manager extensions integrate seamlessly with Chrome, offering features like scheduling and speed limiting.

Resuming Limitations: It's important to note that download manager extensions generally cannot resume already interrupted downloads in Chrome. However, they can significantly reduce the likelihood of future interruptions.

Modern web browsing relies heavily on efficient and reliable downloads. That's why by understanding the causes of download interruptions and implementing the strategies described, you can effectively recover from download failures and ensure a more efficient and productive browsing experience in Google Chrome.

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