In the following article you can learn everything you need to know about How to Customize Home Screen on Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, so pay close attention and read until the end so you know everything you need to know.

One of the things we do when purchasing a new mobile phone is to change the wallpaper, this will allow you to personalize your device and here we will give you all the guidelines you need to personalize your S24.

The instructions you provided cover a variety of customization options for the Samsung Galaxy S24 home screen! Here's a reorganized version that separates them into categories for better clarity:

How to Customize Home Screen on Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
Home Screen Layout and Organization:

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Disable Google Discover (Optional): If you don't use Google Discover, you can disable it for a cleaner look. Long-tap an empty area on the home screen, swipe left, and toggle off "Google Discover."
Add Widgets and Create Stacks: Widgets display information and shortcuts directly on your home screen. You can also create stacks to group similar widgets and save space. Long-tap an empty area and select "Widgets" to browse available options.

Change Navigation Style: You can switch from the traditional button navigation to gesture-based navigation for a more streamlined experience. Access Settings > Display > Navigation bar and choose "Swipe gestures."
Disabling Features (Optional):

Disable Samsung Pay: If you don't use Samsung Pay, you can disable it to remove its shortcut from your home screen or lock screen. Open the Samsung Pay app and go to Settings (gear icon) to disable it.
Disable Edge Panel: The Edge Panel provides quick access to apps and tools. If you don't use it, you can disable it. Go to Settings > Display > Panels and customize the Edge panels menu.
Advanced Customization (Optional):

Change Recent Apps Menu Style (Requires Good Lock): Good Lock is a Samsung app that allows for deeper customization. You can download the "Home Up" module from the Galaxy Store (within Good Lock) and enable it to change the recent apps menu style.
Enable Material You Theme: Material You adapts your theme based on your wallpaper. Long-tap an empty area on the home screen, select "Wallpaper and style," and choose the Material You theme option.
Customize Power Key: You can change the action for holding the side button (power key). Go to Settings > Advanced features > Side keys and choose your preference (e.g., wake Bixby).
Remember: Some of these customizations may be subjective and depend on your preferences. Experiment and see what works best for you!

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