Next, we are going to tell you How to Run Over Holiday Decorations in Vehicles in Fortnite

What is the new Christmas mission of Fortnite?

  This week Fortnite Winterfest 2022 have a new set of missions to complete just like last week, one of this week's challenges requires you to run over the Christmas decorations on the vehicles three times and as usual players will be rewarded with XP for complete these missions.

  How to Run Over Holiday Decorations in Vehicles in Fortnite

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    In Fortnite the Christmas celebration arrives and all over the island you can see the decoration of this time, however, Fault Splits and Slappy Shores are the best places to run over Christmas decorations while driving a vehicle. These two locations not only have a good amount of decorations, but are also packed with vehicles so you can land anywhere.

      We recommend that once you land look for a truck, a car or an SUV, after finding one, jump into it and look for Christmas-themed decorations such as lights, Christmas trees, candy canes, Christmas statues, among others, for later run over them at least three times and complete the mission. In the event that you have a car for the quest, we recommend using a cow hunter to easily destroy structures and decorations.

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