Discover the secrets to earning gold in My Time at Sandrock with our comprehensive guide.

How to Earn Gols in My Time at Sandrock: A Friendly Guide:

Welcome to My Time at Sandrock, where the beautiful town of Sandrock and its bustling community await you. As you embark on your journey, one of the most essential aspects of the game is earning Gols, the currency that fuels your progress and enables you to thrive in this vibrant world. In this friendly guide, we will explore the best strategies and tips to help you earn Gols efficiently and effectively.

I. Understanding Commissions:

One of the primary ways to earn Gols in Sandrock is by completing commissions from the Commerce Guild's commission board. These commissions can vary in difficulty and required items, and they play a crucial role in your Gols earning journey.

1. Building Commissions:

Building commissions require refined materials and are usually more complex. These commissions often involve constructing or upgrading structures in the town, such as bridges, houses, or workshops. The rewards for building commissions are generally higher than those for general commissions, making them an excellent choice for those looking to earn a substantial amount of Gols.

2. General Commissions:

General commissions, on the other hand, typically require food items. These commissions are relatively easier to complete and provide a steady source of income, especially for players who are just starting their Gols earning journey. General commissions may involve gathering ingredients, cooking meals, or delivering food to the townsfolk.

It's important to note that all commissions have time limits, ranging from a few days to a week. Hence, it's crucial to plan and manage your time effectively to complete the commissions within the given timeframe.

II. Importance of Reputation:

While earning Gols is essential, maintaining a good reputation is equally crucial in Sandrock. Failing to complete commissions can result in reputation points being deducted. Reputation points play a vital role in your progress within the community, unlocking new opportunities, and allowing you to forge deeper connections with the townsfolk.

1. Progression within Sandrock:

As you earn Gols and improve your reputation, new areas and features will become accessible. The townsfolk will trust you more, leading to additional quests, interactions, and potential business opportunities. Therefore, completing commissions not only rewards you with Gols but also enhances your standing within the community.

2. Building Relationships:

By completing commissions and delivering high-quality work, you will gain favor with the townsfolk, making it easier to build relationships and unlock additional benefits. Reputation points will help you earn trust and respect, allowing you to delve deeper into Sandrock's rich tapestry of stories and personal connections.

III. Knowledge Skills for Earning Gols:

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    To maximize your Gols earning potential and improve your reputation, it's crucial to acquire and develop various knowledge skills. These skills will not only increase your efficiency but also open up better opportunities for future endeavors.

    1. Advertising Knowledge:

    Advertising Knowledge allows you to promote your services and goods to a wider audience. By investing in this skill, you can attract more customers, resulting in increased Gols and improved reputation. Utilize billboards, word-of-mouth, and social media-like platforms to spread the word about your skills and availability.

    2. Commissions and Contracting Knowledge:

    This knowledge skill helps you navigate the Commerce Guild's commission board more effectively. By understanding the requirements, rewards, and time limits of each commission, you can prioritize and select the most profitable ones. Additionally, this skill enables you to negotiate better terms and conditions for your services, leading to higher Gols earnings.

    3. Quick Delivery Knowledge:

    Time is money, and this knowledge skill allows you to make prompt deliveries and complete commissions within the given time limits. By optimizing your delivery routes and utilizing shortcuts, you can save valuable time and increase your efficiency. Quick deliveries not only impress the clients but also enhance your reputation and increase your Gols earnings.

    4. Quality Bonus Knowledge:

    Investing in Quality Bonus Knowledge enables you to deliver high-quality work, resulting in extra rewards and improved reputation. By paying attention to details and ensuring your commissions meet or exceed the expectations, you can earn additional Gols through quality bonuses. This skill is particularly beneficial for building commissions, where craftsmanship and precision matter.

    Earning Gols in My Time at Sandrock is an exciting and rewarding journey. By understanding the dynamics of commissions, the significance of reputation, and the importance of knowledge skills, you can pave your way to success in Sandrock's vibrant community. Remember to prioritize your commissions, manage your time effectively, and invest in the right skills to maximize your Gols earning potential.


    As you embark on this adventure, stay positive and embrace the challenges that come your way. Sandrock is a town filled with opportunities for growth and prosperity. By putting in the effort and utilizing the strategies outlined in this friendly guide, you can unlock a world of possibilities and create a thriving life in Sandrock. Best of luck on your Gols earning journey!

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