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Title: How to Cure All Curses in For the King 2:

In the world of For the King 2, curses can be a formidable obstacle that players must overcome in order to achieve success. These curses come in various forms and can have devastating effects on your characters if left untreated. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of curing curses promptly, as well as the two primary methods for curse removal: employing a priest or finding special items.

Curses in For the King 2 can range from simple debuffs to complex ailments that hinder your characters' abilities and progress. Failure to address these curses promptly can result in major setbacks and even the death of your beloved heroes. It is essential to prioritize curse removal in order to ensure the well-being and effectiveness of your party.

I. Method 1: Employing a Priest

One of the most reliable and convenient methods for curse removal in For the King 2 is to seek the assistance of a priest. These holy men and women can be found in various towns scattered throughout the game world. By visiting a nearby town with a priest, players can cleanse their characters of curses for a fee of 30 gold.

The convenience of employing a priest cannot be overstated. With just a short trip to a nearby town, players can remove all curses from a single character, restoring their full potential and minimizing the risk of further harm. This method is particularly useful in situations where time is of the essence or when you have multiple characters who require curse removal.

II. Method 2: Finding Hag's Bane or Precious Pearl

An alternative method of curse removal in For the King 2 involves finding special items known as Hag's Bane and Precious Pearl. These items have the ability to remove all curses from a single character, providing a valuable solution when a priest is not readily available.

Hag's Bane and Precious Pearl can be found in the overworld, but they are quite rare and unpredictable. Players may stumble upon these items while exploring dungeons, completing quests, or defeating powerful enemies. The challenge lies in the uncertainty of their availability, making this method less reliable compared to employing a priest. However, when you do come across these items, they can be a lifesaver for your cursed characters.

III. Recommended Preparations

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    To ensure a smooth and efficient curse removal experience in For the King 2, it is recommended to prepare adequately beforehand. One crucial aspect of preparation is saving up enough gold. Both methods of curse removal discussed earlier require a fee, and having sufficient gold is essential for utilizing them effectively.

    To acquire and manage gold throughout gameplay, consider the following tips:

    1. Prioritize completing quests: Quests often offer valuable rewards, including gold. Focus on completing quests that provide substantial financial benefits.

    2. Utilize character abilities: Some characters in For the King 2 possess abilities that can generate additional gold or increase the likelihood of finding valuable items. Make use of these abilities to enhance your gold-gathering capabilities.

    3. Engage in combat strategically: Successful combat encounters can yield gold as loot. Plan your battles carefully and aim to defeat enemies that offer lucrative rewards.

    4. Sell unnecessary items: Regularly assess your inventory and sell items that are no longer needed. This can provide a steady stream of income over time.

    Curing curses promptly is of utmost importance in For the King 2. The potential devastation caused by leaving curses untreated can hinder your characters' progress and put their lives at risk. Employing a priest or finding special items like Hag's Bane and Precious Pearl are the two primary methods for curse removal.


    While employing a priest offers convenience and reliability, finding special items can be a rare and unpredictable alternative. It is crucial to prepare adequately by saving up a good amount of gold to ensure optimal curse removal experiences.


    By following the tips provided in this blog post and prioritizing curse removal, you will be well-equipped to overcome the challenges posed by curses in For the King 2 and lead your party to victory. May your heroes prevail against the forces of darkness and emerge triumphant in their quest!

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