In-play wagering is one of the most popular features at online sportsbooks. At this point, it is almost an industry standard. However, many punters are still struggling with it, which especially relates to beginners. In addition, the opinions regarding this type of wagering vary a lot in the betting community. Today, we will cover the main advantages and downsides of bet online Ireland on sites like for you to be well-informed.

What’s Live Betting?

Also called in-play wagering, bet online Ireland is a feature that allows you to make bets right during the event. For example, you can start watching a football match, wait for the half-time and only then place your wager. The odds for such bets are updated in real-time with the use of automatic algorithms, guaranteeing you to have fair coefficients with no regard to how the event goes.
Most sportsbooks support in-play wagering for almost every game they cover in the pre-match section, granting you a wide range of events to choose from. However, not all of the games are always available for watching.

Advantages of In-Play Wagering

The most obvious advantage you get with in-play wagering is the option to analyze the game before placing your bet. Remember the time when you wagered on a strong team, and it had a bad day against an underdog? Or the time when your football team got a red card in the first half and had no chance against a superior number of players? Well, with in-play betting, it won’t be a problem.

The second benefit of live betting relates to its convenience. In contrast to pre-match wagering, you won’t have to wait for the desired event to begin: you can wager here and now. Moreover, you will be able to watch the game right in the sportsbook, as most of them offer such a feature as well. Thus, you can scroll through the events that are currently running, select one and place a wager right away.

Even in case you have a specific game in mind, most sportsbooks also have built-in notifications. You can set them up in a way that will notify you about the game’s start, allowing you to watch it and place live wagers.

Last but not least, you can place these wagers on the go. All decent sportsbooks are available on mobile, whether it is a browser version or a downloadable app. If the game that you’re interested in starts at an uncomfortable time, you will still be able to bet on it from your mobile device.

Downsides of In-Play Betting

As you might expect, there are some drawbacks associated with live betting as well. First of all, the odds for such wagers are usually lower compared to what you can see on pre-match markets. This is also associated with the high predictability of the games. For some punters, it is much better to place a well-paying wager with some risks before the match than making a safe bet with low odds during the game.
The second main disadvantage of this form of betting relates to the concept itself. To place an in-play bet, you will need to do it in the specific time frame of the event. Thus, if you want to bet on a certain match, you will need to be present when it begins. Moreover, it is much better to actually watch the game, which for many punters, is less comfortable than just making a wager at any moment before the match.

Last but not least, the assortment of betting markets for in-play wagering is usually a lot smaller than with pre-match. Bookmakers usually only add the basic betting options to make tracking the results and adjusting their algorithms in real-time easier, so you will have less markets to choose from. This especially relates to specialties: at some bookies, they are only available for pre-match wagers.

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