In this article about Spotify, we will explain how to add friends in Spotify easily. Soon, we will take the necessary steps

What is Spotify?

It is an application that allows you to listen to your favorite music albums in a very quick and easy way thanks to the fact that when searching in the Spotify browser the most played musical genres will appear, so perhaps without having to search in your song you will simply have to Click on the type of music you want to listen to, such as Game Music, Trending Music, Sleep Music, and more. We should also know that there is a function which is based on sharing and listening to music with your friends even if they are far away, so many users wonder how to add friends in Spotify easily?

How can I easily add friends on Spotify?

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    How to add friends in Spotify easily? First of all we must bear in mind that this function will allow you to take a look at the musical preferences in Spotify of your friends, so that they can observe your musical preferences. We could also consider it one more of the features that can be found in Spotify such as group sessions where your friends will have to join the session where they can listen to music together and can control which songs will be played. This function is only available for Spotify Premium users, where we can also find another function called Share From Spofity that will allow you to share the links of the songs you listen to with a friend or acquaintance without any risk, and taking advantage of the fact that it is a completely secure platform to which you can use all the music discs you want without any risk.

    Now you focus more on How to add friends in Spotify easily? Well, first we must select start in the lower left corner of the page, after being on the home page we must go to configuration to enter Configuration, where we must select the option View profile where 2 options will appear in which we must select the type of device we use, for example, the one with 3 vertical dots is for Android and the one with 3 horizontal dots is for iPhone.

    After having carried out part of the process, we must click on Find friends, where you can manually choose from the list of friends who you will add by pressing the follow button on their behalf.

    Is it possible to add Facebook friends to Spotify?

    How to add friends in Spotify easily. If you perform this action from your computer you must enter the application where you must look for the Friends Activity panel where you must select Add friends where it will reveal how many of your Facebook friends use Spotify and you can add them to your list of friends in the application

    How to add friends in Spotify easily. So when done on an Android or iOS mobile device, you have to go to the left corner where you have to select the gear icon then open Settings, then you have to go down a little bit and follow the path Social and Connect to facebook so you will be redirected to facebook automatically where you should login your facebook account normally, after this you will get a list telling your facebook friends who use Spotify and from this list you can add them to your list of friends easily.

    So in these simple ways we already know how to easily add friends in Spotify including Facebook friends from your mobile device, iOS or computer in a quick and easy way to do within the platform and if you want to search for a friend simply by name you must search for your profile in the search bar at the top of the screen and if your friend's name is not common, it can appear among the first search results where when you find your profile you can easily add it within the platform. How to add friends in Spotify easily. Although we must bear in mind that Spotify is a very popular platform that offers its users the possibility of interacting with their friends within the platform and listening to the music discs they enjoy the most without having to pay for it. use of it, Of course, if you want a much better experience of the platform, we recommend that you purchase a Premium subscription to be able to use features that are exclusive to those users who have Premium accounts, since these accounts give you unique features that you can find on the platform and you will learn to use them easily with the passage of time you will have a little more knowledge about the application. We must also take into account that a subscription to the application is not necessary for low-income users, they can enjoy the platform for free with a large collection of music, where there are many genres such as Soul, Vallenato, Gaming Music, Openings of animes, Rap, Reggaeton, Jazz, Romantic music, Pop, Rock, Cumbia and many more, which you will be able to see immediately when you enter the application browser where all the albums will appear in order. way and you will be able to find all your favorite songs with great ease so in this way you will have the idea of How to add friends in Spotify easily.

      In this way, this article culminates in which we teach you how to add friends in Spotify easily
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