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DualSense stick drift is often seen in many types of games, and usually it's a result of the sensitivity settings. This article will teach you how to fix dual sense stick drift.

As a PlayStation 5 owner, it can be frustrating to experience issues with the DualSense controller. Stick drift is a common problem that can ruin the gaming experience. In this blog, we will discuss what stick drift is, how to fix it, and how to ensure your system and controllers are up-to-date.

What is stick drift ?

Stick drift is when the sticks on the DualSense controller move around without the player touching them. This is caused by a number of factors, including wear and tear, dust and dirt building up inside the controller, and improper calibration.

How to fix DualSense stick drift ?

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Ensuring your DualSense PS5 controller and console are up-to-date is a good place to begin troubleshooting stick drift. We have a guide to help you check that your version is correct. 

If updating the controller and system doesn’t help, try resetting the controller. On the back of the controller, next to the Sony logo, is a small hole. Use a tool such as a paperclip and press and hold for 5 seconds. After this, connect the controller to the console via USB and press the PlayStation button.

You may also want to adjust the Trigger Effect Intensity in the controller settings. Reducing or turning off this option can help with drift. In the controller settings menu, you can also switch off the Bluetooth connection. To do this, go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Communication Method > Turn Off Bluetooth. Then turn it back on.

Stick drift is a common issue with the DualSense controller, but it can be easily fixed by updating the system, resetting the controller, and adjusting the Trigger Effect Intensity. By following these steps, you can ensure your DualSense controller is functioning properly and you can get back to gaming.
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