Want to know what videos you have watched on TikTok? Find out here!

Have you ever wanted to rewatch a TikTok video you've already seen, but can't seem to find it? Many users have been left feeling frustrated and confused due to the removal of the TikTok watch history feature from the app. There has been no comment from TikTok as yet, however, it is thought that the feature has been taken away to address the storage space issue on phones. TikTok are likely to bring back the feature once they have found a solution to the problem. Until then, there are other methods available to view your watch history.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform where users can create and share short videos. It is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms as it allows users to express themselves creatively and connect with other users with similar interests. It is also a great platform for content creators to showcase their talents and grow their fan base.

How to Find TikTok Videos You've Already Watched?

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    If you want to view videos you've already watched on TikTok, there are a few methods you can use.

    • Using the Watch History Feature

    The watch history feature used to be a great way to keep track of the videos you had watched. Unfortunately, this feature has been removed from the app, leaving many users feeling frustrated and confused. If you were using the feature before it was removed, there are still ways to view your watch history.

    • Using the Search Bar

    The most effective way to find videos you've already watched is to use the search bar. You can type in the title of the video or the name of the user who posted it. This will give you a list of videos that match your search criteria, and you can select the one you are looking for.

    • By Requesting Your Data

    If you can't seem to find the video you're looking for, you can also request your personal data from TikTok. This will give you access to all the data TikTok has stored about you, including your watch history. To request your data, go to the Privacy and Safety section in your account settings and select Request Data.

    Although the watch history feature has been removed from the app, there are still ways to find the videos you've already watched on TikTok. By using the search bar, or by requesting your data, you can view your watch history and relive your favorite videos.

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