The main factor of success in any gambling game is luck. But not all gamblers rely on it. Some use certain methods and systems. Let's not deny that, indeed, good knowledge in the field of probability theory, statistics, logical and analytical thinking can increase the chances of success. But to what extent are the strategies used by the players of the sites, including online casino Australia, performed with knowledge? Let's look into this issue.

Martingale Strategy

Perhaps this is the most popular scheme. Its essence is so simple that even a schoolboy can cope. Optimally, as stated in some sources, it is suitable for playing roulette.

The bottom line is that every bet doubles after a loss. For example, if the bet was $1, and it didn't play, then the next one should be $2, then $4, and so on. The logic of the creator is quite clear. Supposedly, all events are equal, and eventually the selected number will fall out. But is this really so, if we are not talking about roulette, but about gaming slots?

It is worth noting right away that online slot machines have their own betting limit. After the user fails several times, he will simply «reach the top». And what to do in this case? Nothing, you'll have to start all over again. It is possible that the Martingale betting method will work if we are talking about roulette in a live casino with a real dealer, with the fact that there will be no limit. But it should be understood that the exact time of loss of a certain number is impossible to calculate, therefore, no one knows how much it will be necessary to multiply the initial rate (and this can have an extremely detrimental effect on the bankroll).

Strategy «ladder»

On the forums, you can find information that this scheme is suitable for playing slots on the site online casino Australia. The essence is quite similar to the Martingale strategy. Through the selected number of spins of the reel, when luck is not on the side of the user, you need to increase the rate by one «ladder step». After a positive spin of the reel, the bet is held or returns to the beginning.

But does it really work? Not really, and it's not that this plan needs to be modified somewhat due to the features of a particular slot machine. The game process is guided by a random number generator, and it gives out completely different combinations randomly.

Scheme of probabilities of winning and losing

This is also a well-known scheme, which is applied taking into account the characteristics of the selected game slot. The user needs to determine what is the percentage of winning spins of the reel, as well as what is the probability of the appearance on the screen of the prize combination of symbols. The probability of the second will be lower than the probability of the first. This is logical, because different combinations appear, but not every one of them allows you to get a profit. For standard machines, the percentage of prize chains to conventional ones is approximately 10-15 percent (this parameter may vary).

Users, as the authors of the theory say, can apply this knowledge in order to increase the probability of winning. So, first you need to make the first bet. If three unsuccessful spins follow, then the bet goes up (for slot machines with a high probability of falling out of prize combinations). If the machine refers to those that rarely gives out winning chains, then the increase should be done after five unsuccessful spins. Also, the authors say that at the time of reaching a critical value (when there were a lot of spins in a row without falling out the necessary combinations), the bet should increase as much as possible. This scheme is incorrect, and it is not the best idea to apply it to customers of online casino Australia, since the gameplay, again, is regulated by a random number generator.

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