Let's be honest. Men do not always know how to behave in order to please a lady online and in real life. Today's article is aimed specifically at men who do not fully understand what repels ladies in their actions. Nonetheless, some points will seem quite obvious to you, while other ones will certainly make you think.

We will talk about what you are doing wrong on dating sites and apps, and most importantly, how to fix it. Let's digress a little!

If you want to make your life easier, use video chats

Our experience suggests that men are more likely to make a promising acquaintance and leave a good impression if the first contact does not take place via texting on a dating site, but via video communication in a video chat. For example, in the Omegle chatroulette, where the interlocutors see each other and better understand whether it is worth continuing to communicate.

This is where our first piece of advice comes in — use any Omegle alternatives to get more attention and not ruin the first impression. We recommend that you pay attention to the following sites and applications:

  • TinyChat is not exactly an alternative to Omegle, but primarily a video streaming service. You can host your video streams or view the streams of other members. It may not be the best format for face-to-face dating, but TinyChat will definitely give you a pleasant pastime.
  • OmeTV is a minimalistic random video chat with basic functionality such as gender and geographic filters, a built-in translator, and fully functional mobile apps for iOS and Android. No frills, only the essentials.
  • Videochatomegle.com is a great alternative to Omegle for men who want to meet and chat with ladies only. The gender filter is never wrong. Thanks to a high-quality moderation service, the site videochatomegle.com has no fakes and bots, and the support service responds to all requests as quickly as possible.
  • Chatspin is a simple random video chat with a gender filter, geolocation search, and AR masks for more privacy. Otherwise, this is quite a classic Chatroulette without frills.
  • FaceFlow is a video chat where you can meet new people, add participants to your friends list, and communicate with friends, family, and colleagues just like in Zoom or Skype. This is a good choice if you want a more functional Omegle alternative.

What about those who do not like the random video chat format for some reason? In this case, use classic sites and dating apps, but do it right!

What girls don't like about guys on dating websites/apps and how to fix it

Firstly, you should take this seriously; fill out your profile in a dating service. This is your calling card. This is where the acquaintance with your person begins. If a lady doesn't like something about you at first site, the chances of a subsequent acquaintance are practically reduced to zero.

What annoys ladies in any man's profiles?
  • Dislikes: obvious exaggerations and self-praise.
  • How to fix it: Avoid praising yourself. Believe us, narcissism definitely does not make a man look better as well as your attempts to embellish your personality can be completely awkward. Also, why start an acquaintance with lies?
  • Dislikes: a photo with a fish or an animal killed while hunting.
  • How to fix it: Just don't use these photos. You may love fishing and hunt very much, but please leave these hobbies somewhere outside of the dating service. Not everyone endorses such interests, especially ladies.
  • Dislikes: profiles with fake names, surnames, and fictional identities in general.
  • How to fix it: Don't use the names of movie stars or characters from movies, books, TV shows, etc. It could be that you are just about your privacy, but this does not add confidence to your personality at all.
  • Dislikes: empty profiles
  • How to fix it: we guarantee that if you have an empty profile, the chances of a successful acquaintance can be assessed as minimal. Spend at least half an hour filling out your profile and approach this issue with all responsibility.
  • Dislikes: pictures with friends and family
  • How to fix it: use only single portraits. Photos from nightclubs, family gatherings, or walks with friends will not work. You can post them on Instagram, but not on a dating service.

Let's assume that you already have a connection with a lady, at first glance, you like each other. This does not mean that it's a done deal. There are a few more "red flags" that the girl will definitely notice, probably, they might tactfully stop communication with you.
  • Dislikes: talking about yourself only
  • How to fix it: try not to pull the blanket over yourself. You do not need to describe your entire biography in detail if the interlocutor does not ask. Also, try to listen more and talk less.
  • Dislikes: intrusive offer to meet offline as soon as possible.
  • How to fix it: don't be overly intrusive. Hurrying on dating is definitely useless. It makes no sense after one texting to insist on a meeting in real life. Not every lady is ready to go from online to offline so quickly and that's completely normal!
  • Dislikes: inability to keep up a conversation and “jumping” between topics.
  • How to fix it: if you are already discussing a topic, try to support it, and not switch to something else instantly. If you are not competent enough in some topic, it is better to make it known immediately and not try to talk about what you do not understand.
  • Dislikes: excessive shyness and lack of self-confidence.
  • How to fix it: the best way to get rid of shyness is to connect with new people more. The aforementioned random video chats work best for this. Use it!
  • Dislikes: conversations about ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends and past relationships
  • How to fix it: don't bring up such topics when communicating with a new person if you have plans to start a relationship with them. Perhaps you will discuss this in the future, but it is not worth starting your acquaintance with such discussions.
  • Dislikes: banal lack of interest
  • How to fix it: learn to show interest in your interlocutor. Put your phone away, stay calm during the conversation, ask follow-up questions, and show your enthusiasm.

Let's briefly summarize

It is generally accepted that a man should be the initiator of the acquaintance. In the 21st century, it is no longer necessary to follow this rule. Therefore, this does not mean that a man can let everything go by itself. A lot depends on his actions or inactions. If you think that it’s enough just to register on a dating site to start a relationship and wait for a beautiful stranger, then you are in for a disappointment.

If you have already decided to meet the girl of your dreams on the Internet, try to make every effort to do so. Start with little things such as the creation of a correct and truthful self-image on the web. This is the first key step to success. Furthermore, it will be easier this way because new interesting meetings will surely come your way in no time!

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