The entire NFL community has been in a state of ongoing shock over the recent cardiac arrest suffered by Buffalo Bills star Damar Hamlin, and quarterback Josh Allen found it hard to control his emotions following the astounding events that unfolded in their first play since the incident that led to the safety being hospitalized.

The Bills faced the New England Patriots in their first game back in action, and Nyheim Hines incredibly produced a 96-yard kick return to secure a touchdown in the first play of the game, which led to Hamlin tweeting from his hospital bed, stating simply, “OMFG.”

In recent weeks the Bills, who were the early season favorites in the betting, have been overtaken by the Kansas City Chiefs in the odds to win the Super Bowl, which you can see at, where the odds offered by the big brands are compared.

The Bills ran out 35-23 winners over the Patriots to register their seventh win in a row, and Sean McDermott’s side will face the Miami Dolphins in the wildcard play-offs at the Highmark Stadium.

Allen has had a standout season, completing 35 touchdown passes and another seven via rushing, and the 26-year-old struggled to compose himself as he recounted the sensation of watching Hines complete the opening touchdown;

“I can’t remember a play that touched me like that; I don’t think in my life. It’s probably No. 1,”

“It’s pretty cool,” He stated before adding: “If you want the truth, it was spiritual. It really was. Bone-chilling. It was special.”

Hines himself found it hard to describe the moment when he completed the kick return;

“I’m speechless,”

“I’m so thankful it was me to bring that juice.”

“That’s what I always thought about, and that’s what I thought all day. It’s just bigger than me and bigger than those ten guys who did a great job of blocking for me.” He added.

Hamlin has been transferred from Cincinnati to a hospital in Buffalo, and while his condition has greatly improved, it will take a while for the 24-year-old to recover fully.

Dr. William Knight, who accompanied Hamlin to the airport, gave a positive update on his recovery;

"He still has a little bit of a ways to go in terms of his ongoing recovery,"

"We’re thrilled to where he is today. He’s up. He’s walking around. He’s got an amazing, genuine sense of humor. And his family is amazing, and we’re happy he’s with them, but in terms of any kind of conjecture to his future, that’s still significantly in the future, and it's going to be up to Damar and a great team of physicians to help him."

Hamlin will no doubt be keenly watching on as the Bills seek to return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1993.

This will be the third time the Bills have faced the Dolphins this season, with Buffalo losing in week three, 19-21, before beating Mike McDaniel’s side 32-29 in week 16.

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