Many players wonder how to get the Oni Operator Skin in Warzone 2? That's why in this brief guide we will explain what you need

How to get the Oni Operator skin in Warzone 2 and what other features are there?

How to obtain the Oni operator Skin in Warzone 2, first you must go to the store where at the bottom you can get the combat package (Ghost) which you will only have to download, it will be downloaded completely free, it should be remembered that this combat package ( Ghost) is available exclusively for Playstation Plus Consoles completely free. You can get the following rewards by opening Warzone 2 Fighter Pack (Ghost):

  • Oni Operator Skin
  • SMG weapon blueprint
  • animated business card
  • Label
  • weapon amulet
  • pistol weapon badge
  • animated emblem.
  • All these can be obtained completely free if you are part of the Playstation Plus players.

Who can get the Oni Operator skin and other features in Warzone 2

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    These features are only available to those Playstation Plus players. The feature was announced during the Warzone 2 Season 1 announcements, where new features and weapons were added to the game, including the M13B Assault Rifle and Chimera Assault Rifle, including Oni Operator skins and a free weapon blueprint at Warzone 2. .

      Thus concludes this short guide on How to get the Oni Operator skin in Warzone 2
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