If you don't know how to fix a floating keyboard on an iPad, don't worry, because here we are going to tell you everything you need to know.

It's normal to have a full keyboard at the bottom of your iPad screen when needed and it will disappear when you're not using it, but if you encounter the floating keyboard error you can fix it with a little help.

The iPad offers a "floating keyboard" feature that minimizes the default keyboard and allows for one-handed typing. Here's how to manage it:

How to Fix a Floating Keyboard on an iPad
Understanding the Floating Keyboard:

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This keyboard shrinks and floats above the app you're using, letting you reposition it for better one-handed use.
Additionally, iPadOS offers a "split floating keyboard" that divides the keyboard into two movable halves.

When a Standard Keyboard Might Be Better:

While the floating keyboard is handy, a standard keyboard might be preferable for some users. Here's how to switch back:

Methods to Disable or Resize the Floating Keyboard:

Pinch to Zoom:  If you see a small floating keyboard, pinch outward with your fingers, mimicking a zoom-in gesture on a photo. This will return the keyboard to its normal size.

Drag and Dock: Tap and hold the bottom of the keyboard, then drag it down to the bottom of the iPad screen. Releasing your finger will dock the keyboard in place.

Merge Split Keyboard:  In case of a split keyboard, bring up the keyboards by tapping a text field. Then, tap and hold the keyboard button on the lower right corner of one of the floating keyboards. Choose "Dock and Merge" to combine them and disable floating mode.

Settings Adjustment: Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Keyboard." Consider turning off "Shortcuts" and "Predictive" toggles here. This might also affect predictive text when using a Bluetooth keyboard.

Restart: If the issue persists, restart your iPad. If the keyboard remains split after restarting, try the previous fixes again.

Reset as Last Resort: Resetting your iPad should only be attempted if all else fails. This wipes your data and settings, essentially restoring it to factory settings. Be sure to back up your iPad before proceeding.

Bonus Tip: Keep your iPad updated to the latest software, as updates may address floating keyboard bugs.

This is all you need to know about How to Fix a Floating Keyboard on an iPad, so we hope we have been of as much help as possible for you to solve the problem.

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