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Cannabis is synonymous with creativity. The plant is famous for inspiring artists, from musicians to filmmakers. Legalization has companies and brands jumping on the weed bandwagon. The marijuana-themed campaigns and 420 ads are becoming increasingly prevalent and inventive.

Weed marketing works both ways, as breeders often name new cultivars after popular products. Buds from Zkittlez seeds are an excellent example. The strain tastes sweet, like the famous candy it hints at.

Many businesses attempt to lure new potential customers with lazy references to weed. Some companies care to put in more effort and create clever cannabis-inspired ads that stoners appreciate.

Discover five of the most creative 420-themed ads and marketing campaigns.

1. Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s is probably the most famous ice cream brand ever. The company’s long-standing relationship with cannabis is significant as they’re genuine advocates.

The ice cream brand has various weed-themed flavors such as “Cherry Garcia” and “Half Baked.” These product names pre-date legalization by years, showing the company’s 420-friendly stance.

Their support for cannabis reform goes beyond marketing. Ben and Jerry’s brings attention to those still in prison for marijuana possession. They incorporate products into sincere political messages and campaigns, with slogans like, “Legalization Without Justice is Half Baked.”

The company is a significant friend of the cannabis scene. Its 420 ads help increase public awareness and destigmatize the plant. Ben and Jerry’s can finally turn those clever flavor names into legal marijuana-infused ice cream.

2. Totino’s

Totino’s #BetterWhenBaked ads are among the top 420 campaigns. The famous pizza snack company frequently uses cannabis themes in its marketing strategy over recent years.

Their hashtag is part of numerous ads for products. The most creative effort of the campaign is a giant billboard for pizza rolls. They use the hilarious slogan, “LEGALIZED MARINARA #BetterWhenBaked.”

Many drivers chuckle when driving under those words. Totino’s billboards’ clever wordplay and scale are among the top 420 marketing ideas.

3. Police in Wyoming, Minnesota

In 2017, the Wyoming PD posted a #420 tweet that went viral. Cannabis laws in Minnesota are progressive. The state government is yet to allow recreational use, but the future looks positive. Penalties for possession are mild, and most police have a relaxed attitude toward marijuana.

Their tweet reads, “Undercover #420 operations are in place. Hidden traps have been set up throughout the city today, #Happy420.” The words came with hilarious images of snacks and video games beside a cop holding a fishing net.

The joke isn’t an advertisement but is part of a campaign to build relationships between police and the community. A funny and sincere gesture from cops is a positive step for cannabis reform.

The “#Happy420” tweet from Wyoming police in 2017 shows why the state allows some THC products in 2022. Minnesota is increasingly progressive regarding cannabis, and legalization for recreational use seems inevitable.

4. Chipotle

Chipotle is a restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican food. This company also has one of the best 420 marketing campaigns.

The fast-food giant frequently uses subtle pro-cannabis messages to garner the attention of stoners. Their tweet on April 20th, 2016, is iconic. The post is an image of a Chipotle burrito, and its caption is a clever 420 reference.

Their pun within the picture, “Sometimes You Need a Huge Bowl to Get You Through the Day,” is creative. The term for an open burrito conveniently aligns with bong slang.

Chipotle is famous for its use of a culture’s food. There are places you must visit in Mexico City if you want to experience authentic cuisine. The restaurant chain is fantastic at advertising, but nothing beats a burrito from its place of origin.

5. Rockstar: GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V, by Rockstar, is among the most significant games ever. The iconic semi-RPG frequently references cannabis in various ways.

Missions and storylines often revolve around weed, and characters can buy a legal dispensary. The game even allows players to take bong hits which briefly creates psychedelic graphics.

Rockstar is a master of marketing and knows its audience. The game uses 420 advertising better than others and even incorporates seasonal changes. October brings Halloween add-ons and grim weather. December leaves players wondering how to throw snowballs in GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V frequently adds to its online experience and has annual 420 updates to celebrate the day. It’s the gaming world’s best tribute to cannabis, and many who play it are enthusiastic tokers. Stoners appreciate the acknowledgement from Rockstar.

420 Advertising is Advancing

The positive perception of cannabis is growing, and more states look set to legalize the plant for recreational use. As marijuana popularity spreads, more companies and brands are capitalizing by embracing it. Expect the creative campaigns to continue expanding.

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