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In the following article we are going to teach you how to throw snowballs in GTA Online winter update

What is Christmas in GTA Online?

GTA V presents a greater Christmas spirit, you can see how the streets of Los Santos is a winter wonderland for everyone to have fun with the festive surprise of the series, if you wonder how to be part of this time and How to pick up and throw snowballs in GTA Online below we will explain how to do it.

How to throw snowballs in GTA Online?

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The first thing you must do is find snow in Grand Theft Auto Online, snow can be collected everywhere except under the bridges because it cannot fall naturally, after finding it you must collect it, in order to start fights with friends, yes If you have a PlayStation 4 press left on the d-pad, if you have an Xbox One press right on the d-pad and if you have a PC press the g key.

To pick up a snowball, throw them and defeat enemies in a snowball fight once you select them on the weapon wheel, simply press the aim and shoot buttons as you normally would with any other weapon and another important fact is that you can store up to nine snowballs , which is enough to defeat your rivals.

 This would be all we can teach you about How to throw snowballs in GTA Online in rockstar games

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