Release Date: 2019-07-09
video PrettyLittleThing Ayse & Zeliha Style Swap Advert 2019 • Have a special occasion coming up? Ayse & Zeliha style swap their fave pieces. Whatever you have planned, our Occasion Shop has a show stopping look for you.

00:00 I'm zeliha and I'm I shot and we're here
00:02 pretty little thing to do stars well I'm
00:04 thinking that it's gonna be a wedding
00:05 outfit you know usually don't like
00:08 wearing dresses I know you love cohorts
00:10 especially now summer's coming up so
00:12 yeah mix that shoot you ready to see
00:13 what I picked up for you I am oh yeah
00:16 that is definitely my vibe
00:18 this color is literally amazing I feel
00:20 like the shorts are a perfectly yeah I
00:22 like that the blades is a little bit
00:23 longer so it's not too short at the back
00:25 and I felt with the back bends is nice
00:27 so this is my outfit put together I'm
00:30 honestly obsessed I really like window
00:33 like here I'll have it no I really like
00:35 it you did so well I don't usually wear
00:37 stuff in my hair
00:38 yeah this I love there is nothing I
00:40 would have changed on this like
00:41 seriously I was pretty confident
00:43 closer yeah are you ready to see your
00:45 outfit yeah I'm really excited I know
00:47 you like a one-shoulder I do I start
00:49 going down well and the puffy shoulders
00:51 a bit of me and I'm bringing it to you
00:53 there's a belt on there it will cinch
00:54 you in which will move the queue I think
00:56 it's gonna look really nice on you and
00:58 you're gonna love it okay so this is the
01:00 outfit all together I think it looks
01:02 really really nice I know you always say
01:04 you don't like dresses on you but I
01:05 actually think this suit she's really
01:07 really well
01:07 looks expensive as well it does I love
01:09 the thrill I love the path we both fit
01:12 the same bag I love it right - Mika like
01:14 the shoes are a bit me they'll go with
01:16 everything as well yeah yeah very
01:18 versatile okay so let us know down below
01:20 who you think did better do you think is
01:22 that look or this look I mean I think
01:24 it's that one but I'm pretty sure it's
01:26 that one shot our outfits down below a
01:28 pretty little thing by
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