Release Date: 2019-07-09
video Netflix The Full Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story Scene | Stranger Things S3 Advert 2019 • The amazing Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story scene from Stranger Things S3 in full.

00:00 This is Suzie. I copy.
00:02 -Suzie! -Dusty-bun?
00:04 "Dusty-bun"?
00:05 Where have you been?
00:06 I'm so, so sorry. I-- I've been really busy...
00:10 uh, trying to save the world from Russians and monsters.
00:12 [chuckles] Of course you have.
00:14 Get the goddamn number already!
00:17 Who was that?
00:18 [stammers] It was...
00:19 Uh, I don't know, actually. I think it was just some interference.
00:23 So, why don't we, uh, change frequency
00:24 to 14.158?
00:27 Copy that, shifting frequency. Standby.
00:30 [radio whines]
00:34 [panting]
00:39 -[Suzie] Dusty-bun, you copy? -[Dustin] I copy, Suzie-poo.
00:41 It sounds much better now, thanks.
00:44 -[both] Suzie. -Okay, so, listen,
00:45 do you know Planck's constant?
00:47 Do you know the Earth orbits the sun?
00:49 [snickers] Okay, so I know it starts with two sixes, and then a...
00:53 W-What is it?
00:54 Okay, let me just be clear on this. I haven't heard from you in a week,
00:57 and now you want a mathematical equation that you should know
01:01 so you can... save the world?
01:03 Suzie-poo, I promise,
01:04 I will make it up to you as soon as possible.
01:06 You can make it up to me now.
01:08 -What? -I want to hear it.
01:11 -Not right now. -Yes, now, Dusty-bun.
01:14 Suzie-poo, this is urgent.
01:16 Yes, yes, you're saving the world, I heard you the first time,
01:19 but Ged is also saving Earthsea and he's about to confront the shadow,
01:22 so this is Suzie, signing off.
01:24 Wait, wait, wait! Okay.
01:25 Okay. Okay.
01:28 Shit.
01:30 [sighs]
01:33 ♪ Turn around ♪
01:36 ♪ Look at what you see ♪
01:41 ♪ In her face ♪
01:43 -♪ The mirror of your dreams ♪ -[synth music playing]
01:48 [Suzie and Dustin harmonize] ♪ Make believe I'm everywhere ♪
01:51 ♪ Given in the light ♪
01:54 ♪ Written on the pages is ♪
01:58 ♪ The answer to ♪
01:59 ♪ A never-ending story ♪
02:04 [Suzie and Dustin vocalizing]
02:08 ♪ Reach the stars ♪
02:11 ♪ Fly a fantasy ♪
02:15 [singing sounds on radio] ♪ Dream a dream ♪
02:18 ♪ And what you see will be ♪
02:22 ♪ Rhymes that keep their secrets will ♪
02:25 ♪ Unfold behind the clouds ♪
02:29 ♪ And there upon a rainbow is ♪
02:33 ♪ The answer to a never-ending story ♪
02:39 [Suzie and Dustin vocalizing]
02:43 ♪ Story ♪
02:46 [Suzie and Dustin vocalizing]
02:50 [chuckles]
02:52 Planck's constant is 6.62607004.
02:56 [panting]
03:02 [keypad beeps]
03:08 You just saved the world.
03:10 [sighs]
03:10 Gosh, I miss you, Dusty-bun.
03:12 And I miss you more, Suzie-poo.
03:14 I miss you more, multiplied by all the stars in our galaxy.
03:17 [Dustin] No, I miss you--
03:18 Enough.
03:20 [static hissing]
03:23 [ominous synth music playing]
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