Release Date: 2019-07-03
video Disney The Lion King | 2019 The King Returns - Behind the Scenes Advert 2019 • See The Lion King in cinemas 19th July. Book your tickets now.

00:00 look cosa he lives in new Lion King was
00:06 a story that people knew intimately
00:09 Simba the reason the Lion King has
00:12 endured is because the inspiration that
00:15 we're getting from it is universal it's
00:18 a story that remains true to everybody
00:22 the songs are amazing just felt like
00:24 everything you wanted from a Disney
00:26 movie getting to relive it in a new way
00:28 is really exciting what's the model I'm
00:35 entering into Lion King inheriting all
00:38 that I learned on Jungle Book
00:39 there was a tremendous opportunity to
00:41 retell the story using a new set of
00:43 tools and a new technology Jon just
00:47 seems to have it all there is really
00:48 impressive how he just sort of holds
00:50 that all together
00:51 I'd really admire the vast array of
00:54 talent that's been assembled for this
00:55 film it's a privilege to be counted
00:58 among these actor ISM yeah let me come I
01:00 can help no son you stay with the other
01:03 Cubs and then the music there was such a
01:06 rich tradition surrounding the songs
01:09 that Hans and Elton and Tim Rice and now
01:11 Pharrell worked on all so that's nice to
01:14 have actors who are both the performers
01:17 and the singers the F Beyonce and Donald
01:19 they present something totally new and
01:21 exciting you have to take your place as
01:24 king these are real musicians bringing
01:27 their creative voices to this
01:37 philosophy
01:39 hakuna matata yes I'm great
01:45 this has been a really incredible
01:48 experience I've never seen anything made
01:51 this way before the level of care where
01:53 everybody knows how much it means and
01:55 everybody's that invested seeing you
01:56 again you don't know what this will mean
01:58 to everyone I love the idea of audiences
02:01 rediscovering something you know that
02:04 it's gonna be very compelling and
02:06 exciting
02:06 [Music]
02:08 we wanted to capture what people's
02:10 memory was of this with both the music
02:12 and the imagery I think when you can
02:13 capture the spirit but show them
02:14 something new and surprising it's sort
02:16 of the best combo
02:24 you
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