Release Date: 2019-07-03
video Next New Emma Willis Collection: What I've Learned Designing Clothes Advert 2019 • Ahead of launching her second range as a designer with Next, #EmmaWillis opens up about what she's learned from designing clothes. From creating clothes for every shape and skin tone to appreciating just how far ahead a designer has to look, she shares her experience of bringing the Summer 2019 capsule collection to life.

Working on this new collection and with an eye on others in the future has really shown Emma just how important looking ahead is in the world of fashion - even for her work on her seasonal Next collections, never mind those who have made fashion design a full-time career.

The new collection features summer-suitable swimwear, beachwear, nightwear and light tailoring in a bold late-summer colour palette of vibrant oranges and earthy tans, peppered with bright prints. Each collection is its own experience - no less a test than her first collection, but Emma believes it's important to take on new challenges even when they can be "overwhelming"!

00:00 I feel like I've learnt quite a lot I
00:05 feel like I've learnt so much in fact
00:07 that it's quite overwhelming and it
00:09 terrifies me and makes me almost want to
00:11 run in the opposite direction and go oh
00:13 god do it again because my brains gonna
00:16 explode and I think the thing that makes
00:20 me feel like that is how far in advance
00:21 you have to work and I I knew that you
00:25 have to work so far in events but I
00:27 didn't realize the scale of how far it
00:30 actually is so we're finalizing
00:33 Christmas at the minute and there's a
00:36 drop that goes in between those two and
00:38 we're starting to already think about
00:40 the first summer drop for next year so
00:41 I'm like I don't know how people have
00:43 this as their full-time job and do it
00:47 constantly and it's not just me I like
00:50 have little ideas and then Leah who's
00:52 styling it with me she has little ideas
00:54 and Hannah who started previous ones she
00:57 has little ideas and then the design
00:58 team it next they have little ideas so
01:00 it's like a group effort but some people
01:03 head up their own design houses and have
01:05 to think about all of this themselves
01:06 and figure out what it's going to be I
01:08 would combust so I'm very grateful that
01:10 we in a little group effort that we all
01:14 kind of chip into and come up with this
01:17 wonderful little collection at the end
01:18 of it so that has been a massive
01:21 learning curve thinking ahead getting
01:23 inspiration from different places not
01:25 just kind of clothes that you love but
01:27 any fabrics that you see anywhere or
01:29 even wallpapers and things for patterns
01:32 are really good and soft furnishings so
01:35 that has been a bit of an eye-opener
01:38 body shape is something that I'm hugely
01:40 mindful of and I would love to just make
01:44 everything that fits me because that
01:45 would be really handy but I found myself
01:48 more and more in every meeting that we
01:50 have saying yeah I love this but is it
01:53 going to fit every other body shape or
01:54 is every color that we decide to use
01:58 gonna go with every other skin tone so
02:00 maybe I overthink that a little bit I
02:02 personally think that it's better to
02:04 overthink these things and make sure you
02:06 get it right than to really not think
02:07 about them and it all just fall on its
02:09 face
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