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Netflix Space Force Cast Give You An All Access Behind the Scenes Tour Ad 2024

Netflix Commercial Space Force Cast Give You An All Access Behind the Scenes Tour spot commercial 2024

VIDEO Netflix Space Force Cast Give You An All Access Behind the Scenes Tour TV commercial 2020 • Go behind the scenes of Space Force and see what life on set is really like. An all access tour hosted by Ben Scwhartz, Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang and Tawny Newsome. 00:00 (upbeat music) 00:02 - Okay, oh this is so embarrassing. 00:04 I didn't even see you there, hey, 00:05 my name is Ben Schwartz. 00:07 I play F. Tony Scarapiducci, the F is for Fuck 00:10 in the show "Space Force", sorry, I came at you 00:12 really hard there, didn't mean to. 00:14 I'm gonna give you a tour of our sets. 00:17 Call it a set tour if you will. 00:27 This is the entry way, these are a bunch of buttons 00:29 I've never seen, my characters never near these things, 00:31 so I don't know what they do. 00:32 Why don't we keep going? 00:34 These are a bunch of people I don't know 00:35 if they know they're being used in this show, 00:37 come on down here. 00:38 This is our atrium. 00:40 It is truly a piece of art. 00:42 I remember the first time I came in here, 00:43 I thought it was unbelievable. 00:44 I was absolutely blown away, 00:46 because it's incredible to look at, 00:48 and also it feels like you're in a dungeon. 00:51 Lemme take you to the elevator real quick. 00:54 I've never done a scene in this elevator. 00:55 This is what it feels like when you're in an elevator 00:58 and the doors close. 00:59 Oh you're gonna love this. 01:00 I'm gonna name all the planets for you real quick. 01:03 Here we go, ready? 01:05 Earth, Jupiter, Earth, Mars, Nunes, Franks, Pants and Judas. 01:12 The way that we have established this 01:14 is that actually all of the entire solar system 01:16 revolves around the Earth, 01:18 and the mistake that we made is that this thing is round. 01:20 Holy shit, you wanna know where we pretend to eat lunch? 01:23 Right here, little tidbit about my character in this area, 01:27 only one scene, so I have no emotional attachment 01:30 to this room at all. 01:31 This is, ugh this is embarrassing. 01:33 This is a picture of me in college with my friends. 01:36 That's Mark, that's Rob, that's Thomas, that's Luce, 01:41 this is so funny, we were actually trying to stab a rock, 01:47 that's the whole thing there, anyway. 01:49 So this is what we're gonna do, 01:50 we're gonna show you that there are different rooms 01:52 that they do different things. 01:53 Will this be shown by somebody else? 01:54 - [Cameraman] Keep going. 01:55 - So I'm not gonna talk about it, not now. 01:56 Ah, but surely your friend Ben can people this one? 01:59 Right, or is somebody else gonna show that? 02:01 - [Woman] Somebody else. 02:02 - Cool, so I just get this fucking atrium, great. 02:05 - Hey guys, yes it's now my turn to take over this tour. 02:08 And I'm here to show you Meal Armstrong's, 02:11 which is the acai soft serve snack shack situation place 02:17 that Erin works that on the show. 02:19 We have a slogan which is, "One small snack from a man, 02:22 "one large soda for mankind." 02:24 which is a play on this phrase that I guess 02:27 Neil Armstrong said when he landed on the moon. 02:29 My personal favorite is the Acai 51. 02:32 I'm gonna take you back around inside now, 02:34 and I'm going to show you how to make the Acai 51. 02:38 (upbeat music) 02:42 Wow, lightning speed here at Meal Armstrong, 02:45 you know what I mean? 02:47 Another play on words. 02:49 Top it off, I'm gonna do some Captain Crunch, 02:53 which is Duncan's order on the show, 02:57 and Erin actually gives him a pretty hard time about it, 03:00 but it turns out, it's actually delicious, 03:03 and both Spencer and I eat our Acai bowls in between takes. 03:08 Which makes it extremely dangerous to work 03:10 at this snack stand because all I wanna do 03:13 is eat the cupcakes and the popcorn 03:15 and not the bananas because who actually likes healthy food? 03:19 This is Meal Armstrong, I hope you come back soon 03:23 to get an Acai 51. 03:25 (Erin crunching food) 03:27 What? 03:27 - One of the fun things to do in this show 03:29 is to walk up stairs. 03:31 And as a character, one of the things I like to do 03:33 is when you see my characters, 03:35 I want my stair walk to be very unique, 03:37 so you know it's me coming up and down the stairs. 03:39 (dramatic music) 03:46 (feet stomping) 03:48 Let's continue the tour. 03:49 Here we go, this is actually an emblem for Space Force. 03:52 I don't know how it was made, 03:54 but it does make me laugh very hard. 03:57 One of the things Greg Daniels likes to do 03:58 in a lot of his shows is put a little Easter egg in here, 04:01 so now would be the time where I would tell you 04:03 there is one here, but I don't know 04:04 what there are right now, I'm excited for Greg to tell us. 04:07 Right here, this little golden disk, 04:10 called The Voyager Golden Record. 04:12 This record is what you give an alien, 04:15 and then they sing the song, I think? 04:18 These are the real guardians of the galaxy, 04:20 the other guardians of the galaxy are fictional characters 04:22 in a movie, these guys watch while they're guarding 04:25 the real galaxy. 04:27 (funky music) 04:29 - And this is where the magic happens. 04:33 (upbeat music) 04:44 This is the launch room, mission control for Space Force. 04:46 How cool is this? 04:47 - I want you to tell me 04:48 what all of this very cool stuff does? 04:50 - You do more fun stuff, but this is definitely 04:52 more easy lifting, 04:53 I just sit here. - I do, yeah, 04:54 I do more 100 degree stuff. 04:56 - Yeah, it's awesome, you see a lot of great acting 04:59 going down with Malkovich and Steve, 05:01 and John Malkovich pressed this button 05:04 on the first episode of the show. 05:06 - If you press the keyboards, what does it do 05:09 to the machine, anything? 05:11 - This is called acting. 05:12 They actually don't do anything, as you can see, 05:15 and a lot of times they do this. 05:17 - Yeah. - Or as you see 05:18 some bad extras, they're busy pounding on mission control, 05:21 is obviously as you know. - They're doing their best. 05:24 I like how many satellites there are. 05:26 I don't know if that's factual. 05:28 I hope to God we have at least that many satellites, 05:31 because I have a lot of pictures stored in the cloud 05:34 that I need kept safe. 05:35 And so we have Daedalus, he's a cool DJ, 05:37 I don't know if that's right. 05:39 I don't know who was named first, the satellite 05:40 or the DJ. - OV101. 05:42 Ovo, that's Drake. - Yeah, yeah. 05:44 Which one would be your DJ name? 05:46 I think I would be, I'd be two, I'd be Athena Saber. 05:50 - I would just be Keyhole I think. 05:52 - [Tawny] Gross man. 05:53 - DJ Keyhole, baby. 05:55 - Why's that so sexual? 05:56 The logo is one of my favorite things about this show. 05:59 It's so good. 06:01 - I have an assword decals, 06:03 and patches and stuff. - Stickers. 06:05 - That right there. - It's just a good logo, 06:07 it looks real, but also looks a little whimsical 06:09 and silly, I think it's a bit good. 06:10 - And also it looks a bit phallic, 06:12 which is what I like about it. 06:13 - You guys have a lot more to see. 06:14 We are not part of that, so go away, 06:18 get out of here, we love you. 06:19 - Get outta here, Wait what do they say on MTV Cribs? 06:22 - Crib out. 06:23 - Hey, you don't have to leave, 06:24 but you gotta get the ugh outta here man. 06:27 - Do you see this over here? 06:28 Can you see our hair and makeup people hanging out? 06:30 And costume, fantastic, it's just to show you 06:32 that we're all a big family here. 06:34 (upbeat music) 06:41 Guys, I wanna say this is the end, 06:44 but it's honestly just the beginning.- advertisement spot 2020

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