Release Date: 2020-02-22

About Mercedes Benz Financial Services Hassle-Free Lease-End Experience ad

VIDEO Mercedes Benz Financial Services Hassle-Free Lease-End Experience TV commercial 2020 • At Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, we have designed a lease-end process that is hassle-free. Take a minute to see what you can expect.

00:00 let's take a moment to quickly review
00:01 what you can expect from your lease and
00:03 experience as your lease approaches
00:05 maturity you have options to consider
00:07 number one return your vehicle and
00:09 replace it with a new mercedes-benz with
00:11 the added benefit of loyalty incentives
00:13 number two you're welcome to purchase
00:16 your current vehicle if you choose to
00:18 purchase your vehicle simply contact our
00:20 lease maturity department or your
00:22 mercedes-benz dealer if you're planning
00:24 on returning your vehicle we have made
00:25 the remaining steps as convenient for
00:27 you as possible in the months prior to
00:29 your scheduled lease and you will
00:31 receive several brief communications
00:33 regarding our simple lease end process
00:34 timing and loyalty offers prepare for
00:37 Lisa and by reviewing the information
00:39 available on MBF Escom under the
00:41 first-class finish tab here you can
00:43 review detailed information about the
00:45 lease end process and how to schedule
00:47 your vehicle pre inspection before your
00:49 pre inspection we suggest you use our
00:51 credit card tests and assess your
00:53 vehicle guidelines this will help you
00:55 figure out what is considered excess
00:57 wear and use we recommend scheduling
00:59 your pre inspection 45 to 60 days prior
01:02 to your lease and maturity date at Auto
01:04 VIN /login
01:07 the inspection will be performed by an
01:09 independent third-party vehicle
01:11 inspection company that will pre inspect
01:13 your vehicle at a location of your
01:14 choice home work or dealership on a date
01:17 and time that is convenient for you the
01:19 inspection itself will take
01:20 approximately 45 minutes and you can be
01:22 present or not it's up to you the
01:24 inspector is merely recording the
01:26 condition of the vehicle the completely
01:28 transparent process shortly thereafter
01:30 the third party inspection company will
01:32 post the report online for you to review
01:34 the report includes indications of
01:36 anywhere and use in current mileage
01:38 organized by chargeable and
01:40 non-chargeable items you'll have the
01:42 opportunity to explore the option of
01:44 repairing any excess wear and use items
01:46 with your mercedes-benz dealer in
01:48 advance of your expected vehicle return
01:50 date the next step is to schedule a day
01:52 and time to return your vehicle to the
01:54 dealership the third party vehicle
01:56 inspection company will do a final
01:57 inspection at that time we will then
01:59 send your lease and statement detailing
02:01 any charges incurred for mileage
02:03 overages missed maintenance and/or
02:05 excess wear and use it's that simple
02:07 we hope your mercedes-benz lease
02:09 experience was everything you hoped
02:10 would be
02:11 and we look forward to continuing this
02:13 journey with you in the way that serves
02:14 you best and to make sure that returning
02:16 your vehicle is hassle-free
02:17 we're always here to help
02:19 [Music] -

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