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VIDEO Maybelline HOW TO WASH YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES #ATHOME #WITHME FT. ERIN PARSONS | MAYBELLINE NEW YORK TV commercial 2020 • Watch Maybelline Global Makeup Artist, Erin Parsons show you how to clean your makeup brushes at home! Erin recommends using a gentle shampoo that smells good and moisturizes the brush hairs. Tip: use warm water when washing your makeup brushes. Once brushes are clean, lay them flat out to dry overnight. Erin also recommends washing your brushes weekly! #makeupandstayin

00:00 I'm heading into my bathroom and I am
00:01 about to show you guys how to properly
00:04 wash your brushes and this shampoo
00:08 really I think it's Pantene and I just
00:11 use anything that smells really good and
00:13 it's sort of moisturizing for the
00:14 brushes I don't like to use anything too
00:17 harsh so I'm gonna start with that okay
00:19 so I use these little like scrubby hand
00:22 eye things I don't know what they're
00:25 called but I put one of these on and
00:28 then I'm going to scrub the brush inside
00:31 here okay
00:33 okay so I'm gonna use warm to hot and
00:37 you see how dirty this brush is just
00:39 gonna get that wet and put a bit of soap
00:43 in my hands sorry not soaked this is the
00:45 shampoo and just gonna blend in circular
00:49 motions
00:55 okay you can just turn off your water
00:58 and just scrub for a little bit use the
01:01 fingertips and you see it's all coming
01:04 out now you can just rinse that off okay
01:13 and then sometimes I will take multiple
01:15 brushes if they're kind of the same also
01:19 I just lay some of my brushes in here
01:21 while I'm washing them again you don't
01:25 scrub too hard you just going in
01:27 circular motions and just sort of
01:28 getting the top of them there's no like
01:30 real pressure okay it's like this see
01:35 any of the excess water
01:40 okay so again just squeezing out the
01:43 water sometimes I'll just put a bunch of
01:45 brushes in my hands and you just want to
01:47 make sure that no soap comes out if it
01:49 does just rinse off that brush by itself
01:52 and then you can start to lay over the
01:58 shelf okay now I like to go through and
02:03 if there's any brushes that need say a
02:05 bit of I don't know you like sort of
02:08 have to work this shape because I don't
02:10 want any of my brushes to be like you
02:14 want them really to retain a shape so
02:17 when they dry they keep that like
02:19 beautiful point to them okay and the
02:24 reason that I don't ever lay down a
02:26 towel is because have you ever had a
02:29 towel that you left in the washer too
02:30 long and I'm sort of that mildew smell
02:32 that's exactly what will happen to your
02:35 brushes you can never lay the brush like
02:37 this especially not on a towel what will
02:40 happen is your bristles will smell bad
02:43 okay and I've heard this from some
02:46 models that there's a lot of makeup
02:47 artists out there that the brushes don't
02:49 smell good and I am a positive that this
02:52 is why so you have to really be diligent
02:54 to hang them over the edge and let them
02:57 dry overnight between is if we're doing
03:01 fashion shows and I'm running
03:02 the next show then we have to clean them
03:04 quickly otherwise we wash the brushes
03:06 every single night and they always smell
03:09 super fresh and gorgeous in the morning
03:11 now if you are using these brushes on
03:14 your own face I would say at least once
03:16 a week at least I don't know I mean
03:19 especially if you're using something
03:20 like a liquid product that is the type
03:23 of stuff that will hold bacteria powder
03:25 products not so much so it's just more
03:27 for liquid things like you would wash
03:29 your sponges those you probably want to
03:32 wash more often hey everyone thanks so
03:34 much for watching if you have any
03:36 questions or comments please let us know
03:38 we are very happy to answer any
03:41 questions thank you so much again and
03:43 hope to see you on the next one bye
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