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Lego Ninjago Dragons Rising 'What Would a Ninja Do?' Ad 2024

Lego Commercial Ninjago Dragons Rising 'What Would a Ninja Do?' spot commercial 2024

LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising TV Spot, 'What Would a Ninja Do?'Check out LEGO's TV commercial, 'What Would a Ninja Do?' from the Toys & Games industry. Keep an eye on this page to learn about the songs, characters, and celebrities appearing in this TV commercial.LEGO has always been known for their creative and imaginative toys that allow children to build and play in their own unique worlds. One of their most popular and successful lines has been the Ninjago series, which follows the adventures of a group of young ninja warriors as they battle against evil forces. And now, with the release of the new LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising TV spot, the excitement and anticipation for the latest Ninjago installment is at an all-time high.The TV commercial, titled 'What Would a Ninja Do?', is a 30-second ad that showcases the intense action and epic battles that fans can expect from the new LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising sets. The spot opens with a group of ninjas, led by the wise Sensei Wu, facing off against a powerful dragon in a fiery landscape. The ninjas use their skills and weapons to defeat the dragon, and as they stand victorious, Sensei Wu asks the question that serves as the theme of the commercial, 'What would a ninja do?'The ad then cuts to a montage of different scenes, each one showcasing a different set from the LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising line. From towering dragons to fierce vehicles and intricate temples, the sets are beautifully designed and capture the essence of the Ninjago world. The commercial also features the new golden ninja, Lloyd, who is a key character in the latest Ninjago storyline.What makes this TV spot truly exciting is the use of CGI animation, which brings the Ninjago world to life in a way that was previously only possible in a child's imagination. The dragons, in particular, are incredibly detailed and realistic, making it hard to believe that they are made out of LEGO bricks.But the commercial doesn't just focus on the sets and action scenes. It also highlights the values and traits that make a ninja. Throughout the ad, we see the ninjas displaying courage, teamwork, and determination – all important qualities for any young warrior to possess. This not only adds depth to the commercial but also speaks to the core message of the Ninjago series – that anyone can become a hero with the right attitude and determination.Of course, no LEGO commercial would be complete without some catchy music, and the 'What Would a Ninja Do?' spot is no exception. The ad features the song 'The Weekend Whip' by The Fold, which is the official theme song of the Ninjago series. The upbeat and energetic tune perfectly complements the action-packed visuals and adds to the overall excitement of the commercial.In addition to the stunning animation and catchy music, the commercial also showcases the wide range of LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising sets available. From small starter sets to more elaborate sets with multiple characters and vehicles, there is something for every fan and budget. And with the holiday season just around the corner, this TV spot is sure to get children and adults alike excited about the new Ninjago sets.Overall, the LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising TV spot is a perfect representation of the Ninjago brand – action-packed, imaginative, and inspiring. It not only showcases the new sets but also captures the spirit of the Ninjago world and the values it promotes. So, whether you're a longtime fan or new to the Ninjago series, this commercial is sure to get you hyped up for the latest adventures of the ninjas.
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