Date de Sortie: 2019-10-21
video pub Nespresso Reviving Origins - Puerto Rico | USA 2019 • Nespresso Ambassador George Clooney sits down over coffee with acclaimed playwright, actor and proud Puerto Rican, Lin-Manuel Miranda, to discuss the role coffee culture and coffee farming plays in Puerto Rico. Joining forces with Nespresso and the Hispanic Federation, the two talk about the transformative power coffee can have on farmer livelihoods, communities, and Puerto Rico’s revitalization efforts post Hurricanes Maria and Irma. The first-ever Puerto Rican coffee from Nespresso has arrived.

00:01 [Music]
00:04 so you're flying in Eagle looks pretty
00:06 good yeah nature goes a lot faster than
00:08 humanity does there's an awful lot of
00:10 blue tarps yeah this one-two punch of
00:13 these hurricanes just knock them off
00:15 their fuses country state
00:18 local crops were totally wiped out a
00:20 crop is not a 6-month thing with coffee
00:22 it's it's a multi-year investment yes
00:25 yep I mean not really I can't tell you
00:28 how important coffee is to our coal I
00:30 think I just started drinking when I was
00:31 six when you're a kid you drink it with
00:33 lots of Milby seven foot three bunion I
00:37 have a tattoo of a coffee cup with my
00:39 cousin's from the island we were like
00:41 what's a thing we can all agree on that
00:43 we could get a tattoo of need we could
00:45 agree what's a cup of coffee so the
00:47 girls all have it on the wrists and the
00:48 boys have about our ankles you have a
00:50 coffee cup tattoo on your ankle I have
00:51 coffee cup tattoo and land cold everyone
00:53 wants freaking coffee
00:54 in Syria like that that's a thing that's
00:56 good for all of us three generations my
00:58 grandpa my father and myself after the
01:02 hurricane happens we realize like
01:03 pathetical actually has a great coffee
01:05 industry and that over 80% of the trees
01:07 and the coffee plantations have been
01:09 destroyed Oh save me
01:11 this is important we asked ourselves is
01:14 there any way we can actually help here
01:16 and do something for it
01:17 we sort of formed this coalition I call
01:19 them the coffee Avengers it's Nespresso
01:21 in Hispanic Federation together with
01:23 Nespresso we came out here and did a
01:24 first assessment of the farms to see
01:26 what was left it's getting plants right
01:28 that's the big thing how do you do this
01:30 is a place that can have an incredible
01:31 coffee profit getting seeds from here
01:33 and getting technological assistance
01:34 right here to help local farmers back up
01:37 on the feet it's going to matter for
01:38 generations and that's what's so
01:40 important about this very rich land the
01:43 soil is rich this is a farm that you
01:45want to pass on to your family
01:47 a Naboo momento cuando se hace guru not
01:50 right away
01:51 not now you're still very young every
01:53 single company involved understands the
01:55 long-term nature of this vest how it
01:58 should be and we're coming back let's do
02:01 the right thing and the right thing
02:02 should eventually take care of everybody
02:04 and then at the end of the day we're
02:06 gonna have some really great coffee
02:07 better pissed chairs huge I'll get a
02:10 tattoo
02:12 [Music] - Nespresso pub spot 2019

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