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video pub ONE Media BLOODSHOT Trailer EXTENDED (2020) Vin Diesel, Superhero Movie HD 2019 • BLOODSHOT Trailer EXTENDED (2020) Vin Diesel, Superhero Movie HD
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00:00 [Music]
00:01 we are leading the way in the greatest
00:05 human advancement of all time
00:06 the technology running through his veins
00:10 augments his strength his reflexes even
00:16 his healing capabilities
00:19 he's unlike anything we've seen before
00:27 and he's entirely in our control
00:32 commencing memory fabrication next
00:35 mission in three two one
00:39 and initiate sequence
00:48 what am I doing here you've got yourself
00:51 killed
00:53 you have been you know the second
00:54 chances
00:57 you have an army inside you they call
00:59 Ana nice they rebuilt you those are in
01:02 my blood
01:03 there are your blood
01:08 welcome to your future
01:13 I would like
01:14 [Music]
01:20 I've been manipulated
01:24 what you think is real sometimes ain't I
01:29 had a wife and she took it from me
01:33 [Music]
01:34 you turn me into a weapon
01:49 getting Kenny no chance
01:54 oh man
01:59 [Music]
02:05 and initiate sequencing memories are
02:18 made of this what is this place I'm
02:22 sorry to be the one to tell you this but
02:23 you got yourself killed at rst we'd
02:28 rebuild the most important assets in the
02:29 US military soldiers like yourself
02:32 you're the first who we successfully
02:35 managed to bring back but improved
02:37 enhanced with the technology in your
02:40 veins you have an army inside you that
02:43 will not only make you stronger they
02:45 will heal you instantly forage
02:49 now tell me do you remember anything
02:57 where you going I got unfinished
02:59 business
03:02 find the man who murdered my wife and
03:04 killer
03:15 it's not good all right sundown
03:21 and initiate sequence
03:22 [Music]
03:26 okay who is the next target for
03:29 elimination
03:32 these are made of they tell me do you
03:35 remember anything do I know you guys I
03:38 don't think so
03:42 I've been manipulating you
03:45 what you think is really sometimes ain't
03:49 and initiate sequence
04:02 [Music]
04:07 sure about that
04:11 French is what makes a man like you
04:14 exceptional
04:17 you know nothing about men like me
04:21 [Music]
04:22 absolutely fantastic
04:26 I feel like I just heard this a bit
04:28 lately some repeat
04:32 you
04:41 you - ONE Media pub spot 2019

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