Date de Sortie: 2020-07-22
video pub dior The land that inspired the Cruise 2021 collection 2020 • In south-eastern Italy, Puglia is a land dense with history, where a mix of architectural styles testify to influences from ancient Rome to the Baroque and beyond. Watch as some of the locals explain what makes their region so special in this film heralding the unveiling of the Dior Cruise 2021 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, who traces her paternal roots to this singular setting, in an audience-free show in Lecce on July 22 at 8:45pm CET to discover here or on
© Film by Edoardo Winspeare

00:12 The heavens are white and gold,
00:16 framed by sweet-bosomed angels,
00:20 Saracen warriors and donkeys led by ornate halters.
00:27 Lecce is a carnival of stone
00:30 that represents the infinite in a thousand guises.
00:41 I think that, as never before,
00:44 Italians are discovering how beautiful their country is
00:48 and how many of its extraordinary cities
00:51 contain lovely historical monuments,
00:55 archaeology and landscapes: one of these is Lecce.
01:06 The historic centre of Lecce
01:07 is something so marvellous,
01:10 so unexpected, that a visitor simply must fall in love with it.
01:14 I feel it is one of the
01:15 most enchanting towns I have ever seen.
01:23 We are at the end of Italy, meaning that beyond here,
01:26 in this direction, there is nothing more.
01:29 It is like a little door leading to Wonderland:
01:33 Alice decides to make herself small and go through it...
01:36 There may be either a dream or a nightmare on the other side...
01:38 Essentially, there is a mighty sense of the sublime
01:42 when you decide to open that little door
01:45 that, to me, leads to Lecce.
01:53 The Dior fashion show
01:56 is a great distinction for the city of Lecce.
01:58 It could be held anywhere in the world,
02:02 given the importance of this fashion icon.
02:06 Since it is here, it means that we were chosen from many competitors,
02:12 because of our abundance and wealth of artisan skills:
02:17 Salento is more than the beauty of its countryside;
02:19 it is also the talent of its people.
02:28 I have a theory, which I feel is supported by the evidence:
02:32 you will always find someone from Salento at every special event.
02:36 An example is Armstrong, with a relative from Salento, walking on the moon.
02:39 The Dior fashion show is also connected to a woman from Salento,
02:44 who wanted so much to bring it here,
02:46 because there is something else that, in my opinion, other places don’t have:
02:50 a vital connection, an allure.
02:55 A person might find it strange to have an exhibition,
03:01 a fashion show, near the cathedral.
03:06 But I must confess that,
03:09 indeed, because of the times we are experiencing,
03:12 people need culture, need to have hope restored
03:17 by seeing fine things, by contemplating beauty.
03:21 It might seem a mere representation of aesthetics,
03:25 but beauty is a gift from God.
03:27 This is that gift, a true embodiment of goodness and beauty.
03:36 If I could give a word of advice,
03:37 it would be to discover this town at least once in your life.
03:40 People say ‘see Naples before you die’, but I would say ‘see Lecce before you die’. - Dior pub spot 2020

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