Date de Sortie: 2020-07-22
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US Release Date: July 31, 2020
Starring: Romany Malco, Regina Hall, Alkoya Brunson
Directed By: Romany Malco
Synopsis: An ex convict on parole is set on becoming a world renowned motivational speaker.

00:00 i promised i was going to do my best to
00:02 keep tj out of prison and that's what
00:03 i'm going to do
00:06 i'm not talking to you i'm talking
00:08 it's about me though
00:11 i'm really just following my calling
00:12 being a motivational speaker last i
00:14 checked her the subject of a 10-minute
00:15 student film
00:16 not the green mile anything's possible
00:20 it's like prison you know you just
00:21 got to use your imagination
00:24 have you contacted your family y'all
00:27 kidding right my family probably waiting
00:28 for me outside
00:29 right now they be here
00:34 i just bought a new way what up mama i
00:36 know you didn't bring these cameras with
00:37 you this is my room
00:38 got the whole room smelling like michael
00:40 moore asshole
00:41 being tj's p.o is frustrated he stayed
00:44 doing some
00:45 stupid don't sugarcoat that nigga
00:47 just tell me how you feel you like it or
00:49 not
00:49 it was trash like hot garbage man
00:52 you nigga that verse was colder than
00:54 pale and eq that let's do the
00:55 hook
00:57 as of today i'm strictly on my
00:58 billionaire grind i denounced that petty
01:00 hustle hey
01:01 i got y'all got some change or bus
01:02 passing niggas to ho
01:05 i'm gonna build my motivational company
01:07 from the flow up till it blow up and get
01:08 my door hey you black guys
01:11 [Music]
01:14 hey take you can take that out they
01:15 can edit that out
01:17 why can't your ass park on the street
01:19 like regular people
01:20 how much they pay for your little life
01:22 story
01:23 that's classified you don't need bars to
01:26 be in prison
01:27 you gotta ask yourself why is it a nigga
01:29 fresh out the joint to see a brighter
01:30 future for you and you can see
01:31 yourself
01:34 desired position doggy style
01:43 no you fill it out
01:54 you - Movieclips Trailers pub spot 2020

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