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video pub Ubisoft Watch Dogs: Legion - Gameplay Overview Trailer 2020 • Get a first look at Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay. With an entire population of potential recruits and the city’s technology at your fingertips, you’ll need to hack, infiltrate, and fight your way to a liberated London. Learn more about the immersive scenario and how to take advantage of the Play As Anyone system.

Watch Dogs: Legion will be available on 29th October 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Stadia.

00:00 ah London town a modern metropolis
00:06 built on history and prosperity only
00:11 took 12,000 years to build it up and one
00:13 night to tear it all down
00:18 oh my god
00:24 get all your units to move in and lock
00:27 down the city
00:31 with London under attack by a mysterious
00:33 terrorist the government turns to a
00:37 private military company called Albion
00:39 to keep everyone safe what could
00:41 possibly go wrong
00:43 ladies and gentlemen mr. Nigel Cass CEO
00:47 of Albion he's kindly stepped up to
00:51 establish order
00:54 understand this I will not allow anyone
00:57 not even myself
00:59 to jeopardize this he will stop at
01:02 nothing to permanently control the city
01:07 London will be the first city in the
01:09 world to be made truly safe
01:12 Nigel's not the only opportunist who's
01:15 taken a liking to this fair city
01:17 meet Mary Kelly head of the most
01:20 powerful crime syndicate in London they
01:22 soon spread the word
01:24 she and her goons are using the dark web
01:26 to sell everything from party pills to
01:29 people scary I know but I've got to keep
01:33 tracks on my merchandise to buy you made
01:36 me a slave you do not want to ruffle her
01:40 feathers
01:43 with the city out on its ass it now
01:46 falls on you to build a resistance and
01:48 take back London any of the brave London
01:57 as you see walking the streets can be
01:59 recruited into your team like him
02:05 or even
02:09 everyone could become your next secret
02:11 weapon in our first mission we need to
02:15 get some dirt on Nigel Cass and that
02:17 means breaking into Albion headquarters
02:20 inside the Tower of London all the hardy
02:23 souls you see here are people we have
02:25 recruited from the streets of London
02:27 they all have unique abilities and
02:29 you're free to tackle this mission with
02:31 whoever you like dick got my eyes badly
02:37 get to work and let's never talk about
02:39 this again
02:43 like everyone in dedsec author can hack
02:46 pretty much whatever but as a
02:48 construction worker he has a particular
02:50 set of tools that make him handy
02:56 he can even call his own cargo drone
03:04 perfect for gate-crashing when you're
03:07 not invited and who needs a regular old
03:10 gun when you have a bloody male gun
03:12 Omega soy toys shipboard
03:24 boys 19
03:26 perhaps we could approach this mission
03:28 differently if you'd rather keep your
03:30 distance we've got you covered
03:32 amy is a drone expert what have we here
03:38 a real tech connoisseur
03:40 [Music]
03:42 hate spiders but love this one what an
03:47 adorable creepy crawler place up a trend
03:53 expert does have the unique ability to
03:55 summon their own drones this little
03:58 darling is fast and stealthy
04:03 I'm reading incoming drums
04:11 she could also hack enemy drones
04:13 scrubbing the
04:14 in her favor
04:17 and if you are not into direct
04:19 confrontation there are more ways than
04:20 one to get the job done
04:25 recruiting an Albion officer like
04:28 Brielle here might be challenging but
04:31 it'll get you inside restricted Albion
04:33 areas don't mind me just doing recon for
04:37 a bunch of insurgents however do
04:39 anything suspicious and she'll probably
04:40 wind up with a bullet in the back of her
04:42 head
04:47 we're missing the human element here I
04:50 can get the defense minister on the line
04:52 right now look if you feel your list
04:58 [Music]
05:04 criminals running our streets illegals
05:08 threatening our families the police
05:10 commissioner himself assassinated by
05:13 terrorists well that seems to be enough
05:15 evidence next up we're crashing Mary
05:18 Kelly's organ farming operation and
05:21 putting a stop to it and we need a hard
05:30 not for this impairing our frontal lobe
05:32 again are we
05:33 bugs don't disturb me in my natural
05:35 habitat say hello to Mickey the man
05:39 lives for his team
05:41 now put another arrow on the chest and
05:43 doesn't mind getting his hands dirty
05:59 he does have a slight drinking problem
06:01 though
06:03 and these boss down ah well we'll come
06:08 back to him you know what let's go with
06:11 someone a bit more professional
06:13 [Music]
06:19 it's almost crass to call him a hit man
06:29 [Music]
06:37 some might even call him an artist
06:44 [Music]
06:54 here's the bastard responsible done and
06:59 dusted bad not bad if I do say so any
07:04 not everyone in London is a legendary
07:06 assassin or a super spy but everyone can
07:10 be a hero
07:16 [Music]
07:18 so get out
07:20 the best recruits and build your
07:23 resistance
07:29 it's time to take back London
07:36 [Music]
07:45 [Music] - Ubisoft pub spot 2020

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