Date de Sortie: 2020-07-12
video pub Ubisoft Ghost Recon Breakpoint: AI Teammates Trailer 2020 • Your teammates are back on Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

Get ready to form your new Ghost team. Create your own soldiers who will follow you everywhere to protect your back. Lead them strategically and trap your enemies, the Wolves.

Your team will be available starting 15th July.

00:03 the time is cup AI teammates are back in
00:07 Ghost Recon breakpoint and for all solo
00:11 players they're gonna be a game changer
00:16 available at any point after you have
00:18 reached erawan for the first time
00:20 fury fix it and Vasily can be activated
00:23 or dismissed at will and from the
00:25 beginning you will be able to fully
00:27 customise them this customization
00:29 includes all of the physical attributes
00:31 as well as gear equipment or even full
00:35 costumes your teammates can be tweaked
00:38 just as much as your main character just
00:41 like nomads your teammates will adapt
00:43 and reacts to the world of aroa and its
00:45 environments and they will always follow
00:47 your own behavior if you decide to go
00:50 stealth they will equip silencers and
00:52 Crouch or go prone when possible but if
00:55 you decide to go loud and open fire
00:58 they will stick by your side when
01:00 deployed you can issue different orders
01:03 to your teammates through the order
01:04 wheel there are four different orders
01:06 you can give to your teammates you can
01:08 tell them to regroup on your location to
01:11 hold their current position to go to a
01:14 specific location and to open fire on
01:17 nearby enemies these orders can be given
01:20 at any time even through your binoculars
01:22 and drone once they approach potential
01:25 threats the teammates will notify you
01:27 and mark them automatically with a good
01:30 look at your enemies you will be able to
01:32 set up a sync shot where each of your
01:34 teammates picks a target you can even
01:36 link it to your three sync shot drones
01:38 for a simultaneous seven
01:41 take down the teammates have weapons
01:43 equipped at all times
01:45 a versatile assault rifle to accommodate
01:47 all situations and a primary weapon that
01:50 you will be able to find - indeed apart
01:53 from mark upgrades and passive bonuses
01:55 the full gunsmith is accessible to your
01:58 teammates and their weapon of choice
02:00 will have a direct effect on the
02:02 battleground depending on the type of
02:03 weapon they have equipped the teammates
02:06 will adapt their engagement distance and
02:07 rate of fire to close distance shotgun
02:10 wielding all the way to long-distance
02:13 sniper shots of course if you get taken
02:16 down your teammates priority will be to
02:18 try and rescue you to achieve that it
02:21 will first focus their fire on the
02:23 surrounding enemies before getting to
02:24 you and they will expect the same from
02:27 you especially as you will be able to
02:29 carry them to safety if the situation
02:31 requires it
02:32 finally the teammates will also be your
02:35 best allies in any vehicle especially on
02:37 the road and during high stake pursuits
02:39 the teammates will be available for all
02:41 solo Ghost Recon breakpoint players on
02:44 July 15 and we cannot wait to see your
02:47 reactions we'll see you on the
02:49 battlefield ghosts
02:51 you - Ubisoft pub spot 2020

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