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VIDEO Bvlgari DIY – YOGA AT THE BULGARI HOTEL SHANGHAI TV commercial 2020 • Join us and keep stretched and toned with a morning yoga session from the Suite of Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai.

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00:02 hi everyone is Tracy here I'm okay spar
00:06 and wellness gas - yoga instructor
00:09 having teaching yoga for more in 10
00:12 years I'm very excited to share with you
00:14 all my yoga decide without further ado
00:17 let's get started let's start from child
00:21 pose please take your big toes touching
00:23 and your knees wide and start walk your
00:26 palms as far forward as possible dive
00:29 rest your forehead on the earth in close
00:34 your eyes start engaging your je
00:39 breathing by in Herning through your
00:41 nose come to hands and knees as you
00:44 exhale make sure that your wrists
00:47 directly underneath your shoulders and
00:49 your knees directly underneath your hips
00:52 from here as an axe breath in drop your
00:56 belly gently lift your heart
00:58 a slightly for axial tuck your chin
01:02 wrong and pushing your back of her up
01:05 toward the ceiling two more inhale arch
01:11 back inhale let your why not go up high
01:21 exhale step your right foot forward
01:23 between palms drop your back knee on tap
01:28 your back toe
01:29inhale raise your hands forward come up
01:32 or Johnny O's access soften your
01:37 shoulder in the face
01:40 and exhale bring your palms back down
01:43 and straighten your left leg
01:46 relax your laughter food and it's
01:48 sinking your hips back
01:50 arey inhale you reach your Crump you had
01:54 a full exhale fold forward rib and you
02:03 like me in tuck your right toes on the
02:07 knee of the goal instead you left back
02:10 to downward facing dog
02:13 Ingres stay inhale exhale child pose big
02:20 toes touching a nice Y soften valley
02:23 between your thighs rest your forehead
02:26 on the earth all the way up to come for
02:30 C by closing ease together bring your
02:35 palms together in front of your heart
02:37 and thank you for everyone practicing
02:41 with me today we show stay pasti stay
02:45 strong stay healthy in namaste
02:48 [Music] - advertsiment spot 2020

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